They say, everything happens for a reason. I believe that. When you’re in it, it doesn’t seem that way. It’s only later that you see the “silver lining.” And, what is meant to be, is. And what’s not, isn’t.

Me, I have been working out so hard the past two weeks or longer that I felt the need to take Friday and Saturday off. My body was saying, wait just a second… Can we just get a little R & R.  There was a reason for that much needed rest.  So, here we are, it’s Sunday. I have had a great couple of days resting with my honey, breakfast this morning with a great gal/friend, a little antiquing, and a 3.2 mile run. What about you? How has your weekend been going?

I pray you all are well and enjoying this beautiful day we have been given. Go outside and walk with your Angels. Look up and smile because you are alive and here to be able to enjoy this day with whomever and however you choose. Because you can.


Please feel free to share my blog if you find it could help or inspire others.

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