–You are my love and I’m yours

Simply Beautiful!


You are my love and I’m yours.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Best poetry are the words for love.


                            You are my love and I’m yours
You are as beautiful as the sun rising from the eastern sea.
You are bright as the moon rising up to light up the night.

You are as soft as a gentle summer breeze caressing my heart and mind.
Your love is my paradise and my final destination.

With each taste of your lips and the feeling of your embrace.
I want and feel the need to be alive.

You are my dream maker and  the woman who make me want to dance,
laugh and make love.

I don’t want to control you. I want to know you.
I want to know and understand your dreams and fear.
Be the friend or lover, anything you need.

So today I have hope and dream…

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Happy Tuesday my lovely angels!  Welcome to another beautiful week in July, 2015.

Don’t you just love nature!  I certainly do.  Just to be out in it and breathe in the fresh air a well as listening to all the amazing animals that surround you.

I found this amazing photo online yesterday and thought I would share it with you.  What do you see?   You never know where an angel might be and/or show up to let you know they are present.  So, keep you eyes open because you might be surprised.

Tree Angel

Have an awesome day ladies and gentlemen and thank you for spending some time with me.  Please feel free to share my blog posts with anyone you think might be in need of a little enlightenment.



In “Special News” today, I have officially signed up, been chosen and will be attending the Special Olympics World Games: Los Angeles 2015.  I am very excited to be a part of something so special and awesome! 

So, here is to all those fabulous athletes coming this way!  God speed and may you all have the time of your life!  We are all cheering you on!

Cheers and thank you for reading my blog!  Please feel free to share with others who you feel might need a little inspiration.

WGSO 2015


I was listening to a video this morning by author Jeff Goins re becoming a writer and he stated and reminded us that “you are when you say you are.”  So, with that and in life, you can do anything you put your mind to.  If you want to write, write and start calling yourself a writer.  As Jeff Goins states, once you do this, everything changes.  If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, architect, archeologist, or just a better friend, wife, husband, father, mother, daughter, sister, brother, etc. – you just need to remember in order to become the person you want to become, you have to start believing in yourself, start acting and talking like you already are (why not – what do you have to lose) and with that comes change.  Change in your attitude, change in your outlook on life and the situations that surround you, and all for the better.

So, no matter what you want out of this thing called life, remember that you can do anything you set your mind to!  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  Life is short not to take those chances, go for what you want and know in you heart and soul that you can have it if you work hard enough for it.  You can do eet!!!

Please feel free to share my blog if you find it could help or inspire others.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog ~ Cheers and have a great week!

Take Care ~

They say, it’s all in how you take care of them.  Haha – implants that is.  That and how they are made.  You know, when you are going through the process of Breast Cancer and decide on reconstructive surgery after having a double mastectomy, that is usually the last thing on your mind – how you take care of them.  They say that you used to have to get them replaced every ten (10) years.  But now, depending on how they are and you are taken care of, they could last longer than that.  Especially the way they are made these days.  These days they are more dependable and more durable.  Yes, I did say more durable.  8)

I say all this because a number of women I know have gone through this process and for me it was a no brainer.  Double Mastectomy = check; reconstruction = check; process/pain only once = check.  It was a quick and easy decision for me.  Now, after being just over five (5) years out, I find myself still getting used to them.  The thoughts of that time, the images, the process you went thru never goes away.  You just learn how to deal with it as time passes.  You continue to learn how to deal with and live with implants that still feel strange at times.  They certainly are different than the real things, but given the choice between fighting Cancer and leaving your original breasts that you had Cancer in or fighting Cancer and getting rid of the original breasts all together only to get new ones (or not) – well there is no real choice is there… it only made sense to me.  Take these things, I don’t want them or need them.

To all the women out there who have had, are going through now, or are just being diagnosed I say to you to stay strong!  I say stay positive, stay away from negative people, believe and continue to have faith, and most of all, do what is best for you!  For you I said, not your spouse, not your family, but you.  What is it you want!  They are not carrying around those breasts and dealing with this, you are.  So, talk it through with your significant other (should you choose) and know, just know, that you are not alone.  You are never alone because at the end of the day, there are more women out there that have been through and/or are going through exactly what you are.  Of course, everyone’s case is different, but the same nonetheless.

They are just breasts – get rid of them (if that is your decision).

It’s funny to me that when I think back I used to always say “I would never get implants.”  And, I never would – on purpose!  My breasts were taken away to serve a higher purpose and to show myself and others that there is more to life than physical appearance and meaningless things.

So, my dear survivors and friends – do take care – take care of yourself and enjoy this life you have.  Enjoy your Friday, your weekend, your family, but most of all – enjoy spending time with you!  This is your life, your way, your future!  So, live ~ love ~ laugh!  And dance like no one is watching!

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Cheers and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about taking care!

Angel Wings

I think I’ll enjoy wearing this…

Angel Wings Necklace


Books ~ does anyone remember what those are any more? An actual hardback or paperback book?  I certainly hope so.  I was on the subway this morning on my way into work when my friend I was with, Mike, and I noticed that there were an unusual number of people actually reading books on the subway.  It was nice to see that people have not forgotten about the book itself and not read everything online on a desktop, on an iPad, on your cell phone or a laptop.  Some things are better in person.  “She said with a wink and a smile!”  Like going to the library.  Remember that and remember having to check out a book.  Don’t get me wrong, the internet has its place (like blogging and talking with you!) and is good for most things, but not everything.  I love to actually have a good book in my hands to read or a good magazine like the Archeology magazine I subscribe to.  I’m a total history and archeology nerd.  I just can’t help it ~ I yam what I yam.

So, enjoy the internet for what it is, but remember, it’s not everything.  Keep some of those original books and magazines at home.  You’d be surprised how many people you have over will enjoy seeing them.

Have a great day my literary angels.Book Angel

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Our pets/babies take up a spot in our heart and soul that is undeniable.  Once you see them and let them into your life and heart that’s it, you’re finished.  In that moment, you have created a “bond” that will last forever.  I say this because I had to take my baby Caesar to the vet hospital today for overactive thyroid.  He is such a love that it broke my heart to leave him there.  But, I know in the long run this will help him and make him feel better.

I believe in my heart that pets are our angels and here to love on us unconditionally.  They are always there when you need them and always a lick or headbutt away from giving all the kisses you want and/or need.  They ask for nothing except to be loved in return.  If only they could tell us when they weren’t feeling well – it would be so much easier.

So, God Bless all the furry babies out there and keep them all safe.  I do pray they all find someone to love on them and treat them as they deserve to be treated, with unconditional love, and with lots of smiles which bring us and them happiness.

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They say, everything happens for a reason. I believe that. When you’re in it, it doesn’t seem that way. It’s only later that you see the “silver lining.” And, what is meant to be, is. And what’s not, isn’t.

Me, I have been working out so hard the past two weeks or longer that I felt the need to take Friday and Saturday off. My body was saying, wait just a second… Can we just get a little R & R.  There was a reason for that much needed rest.  So, here we are, it’s Sunday. I have had a great couple of days resting with my honey, breakfast this morning with a great gal/friend, a little antiquing, and a 3.2 mile run. What about you? How has your weekend been going?

I pray you all are well and enjoying this beautiful day we have been given. Go outside and walk with your Angels. Look up and smile because you are alive and here to be able to enjoy this day with whomever and however you choose. Because you can.


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“This too shall pass” and “All will be well and all in due time” are just a couple of the phrases with which I am most familiar.  While I “had” Cancer, I would always tell myself “This too shall pass” and would continue to have faith because I knew, I just knew deep down – it would be.  All would be well and all in due time.

I have the same feelings about certain things in life, like being out here in California.  I recently came back from a trip visiting family on the East Coast and while I had a great time, it was so hard to leave.  It was hard to leave and come back to the West Coast.  I do believe my husband and I are out here for a reason, though not to retire.  So, while we are here, we continue to meet and make new friends and live.  We go to new places and see new things.  He has been great taking me traveling.  Even if it’s just for the afternoon or weekend.  I am learning to stop, just live and just be happy.  So, no matter where you are in life, be happy where you are.  Everything happens for a reason and all works out in the end.  Life, at the end of the day is a “Gift” and, should not be taken for granted, but enjoyed at every turn.

Like all things in life, have a little faith, trust that everything happens for a reason (though it might be hard to do and/or understand – I get it), but try.  Put that smile back on your face, look up at those beautiful clouds and feel the presence of your Angels around you.  Believe “This too shall pass” and “All will be well and all in due time.”

Please feel free to share my blog if you find it could help or inspire others.

With light and love ~ Enjoy your precious day.