The last Utopia. The pen and the paper.

The Simple Life…


Utopia of the pen and the paper.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Last freedom is the mind. Can’t control the mind completely. Always hope hiding somewhere.



                              Utopia of the pen and the paper.

In the sixties. There was a good dream.
We support to be working 32 hours a week and enjoying art, poetry and music by the year 2000.
The Utopia dream fell apart by poor decisions and incompetent leaders.

Utopia had become a forgotten dream and word.
People believe work is life. Life is work. People had become like cattle waiting for the slaughter by
a government that had lost control.

The media is controlled.
A waiting list for men and women taking the chance on war than finding work in a desperate times.

Poor kids are looking for answers and reasons to try.
The USA flag bleed of distaste for peace and poor young people…

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Bring On October!

jbuss Astrology

Some part of most of us Survived all that, eh?  I think we can take a deep Breath and relax a bit; at first glance October looks pretty quiet, though of course something will turn up to keep us entertained, as it always does.  I assume you’ve noticed that you’re new-born.  But, I suspect, not as Vulnerable as we’d expect to be as a new-born, eh?  When a Crab molts, it’s extremely Vulnerable for a while as it runs around nekkid scrambling to eat enough Calcium to harden up it’s new carapace.  But my own shell feels hardened by this Rebirth.  Yours?

The Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and the Conjunction of Centaur Pholus (Responsibility) with dwarf planet Ixion (our Pathological Genius) and asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) continues all month, but in the first few days of October Chiron (Despair to Empathy to Miracle

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Message from Archangel Michael and the Angels:  “KEEP GOING even though it feels like there is no forward movement or ANY movement at all – WE are working behind the scenes for you to assist and guarantee your accomplishment. You have done your best, please let us take the process from here and complete it. Most of all, PLEASE be patient with yourself and the process. Each step is a lesson and in the end you will appreciate reaping the rewards as they are fruitful!”

If you noticed the color on the card below that stands out the most is blue. Blue is representative and associated with the voice also known as your throat chakra, you are being reminded that your prayers have been answered and heard. You are also encouraged to let go and surrender any expectations of your current situation so that everything works out faster for your advantage. Note: Worrying creates walls – so your best bet is letting go. Also, notice the angels face she is indifferent, almost concerned – but at the same time she is looking slightly left as if to look to someone or something – You are being asked to lean on God/The Universe during this time, to once again, let go and let God take care of the rest. Worry = walls; Surrender = peace.



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Yes, you are awesome!  I had to share this beautiful post today…

 You are awesome in so many ways and you are beginning to trust and reveal your true nature more easily.  At one time, you may have believed that you had to hide your feelings from others or even  yourself.  Now you realize how vital and attractive expressing your authentic self is.
The angels are asking you to honor your true feelings by expressing them to yourself and others.  They assure you that your life will emerge to a new level of inner peace as you let your true self come out and play.  ~Doreen Virtue~
Believe my Angels and have Faith!  Always with Love, Light, Strength, Enlightenment, Life and Our Warrior Within!
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Would be a better world if more people read and wrote. Write, write and write some more.

Write, write and write some more…


Write, write and write some more

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words are powerful. They create tears, laughter, happiness and sadness. Without the great word-men and word-women. What would we know and understand?


                             Write, write and write some more

What would this world be without words?

The ancient writers wrote of war and love without fear.
Many of the great writers were damn for their thoughts.
I’m thankful for the realistic words of Dryden. Mark Twain honest and direct words and
Kosinski for making me see the true and scary world. Nevil Shute took me to times of war and taught me war is cold and heartless.

Their words left me with images of the realness of war, murder and disappointment.
They also taught me. Write, write and write some more.

Lonely can be the writer who looked at the world with real vision. Blessed be the writers who…

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