Angel Card Reading for Friday:  Romance

The angels are addressing, and assisting you with, your romantic needs. Ask for and accept the angels’ help with your love life.

This card signifies that your angels have heard your appeals for romance. They acknowledge your heart’s yearnings for love. They have received and answered your requests.

Now you will work in concert with the angels to manifest the romance you are seeking. The angels will guide you in specific ways to ensure that they grant your wish.

For instance, you may get a strong urge to drive to a certain place, and you might meet a wonderful partner when you arrive at that destination. The angels’ guidance may ask you to engage in self-improvement activities such as exercise classes, nutritional practices, or self-help seminars.

Follow this guidance, and you will discover the romance you are seeking.

Have Faith my Angels and know you are Never Alone!  Always with Light & Love my Sweets!

Never Give Up!

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Day 55: The Man and the Most Painful Relaxation p.3; The Stomach and Spleen

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In the last part of my Yin Yoga series we will discuss the importance and significance of the Stomach and Spleen meridian lines as well as how to get the most out of effective, mindful, and consistent Yin Yoga exercise.

If you’ve had any chance to try any of the poses, you’ll notice that the majority of the strain and development doesn’t come from the pose itself but from the prolonged practice of holding them. Remember that this is a form of deep stretching and meditation meant to gradually lengthen and open the joints and increase flexibility. Unlike other forms of yoga that rely on extreme poses in shorter bursts of time, this is a much slower practice. The difference is while the extreme poses stress and develop the muscles, Yin Yoga’s slower practice focuses on the tendons, ligaments, and the fascia.

Improvement in these areas requires more consistent practice…

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Anything that costs…

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Advice from a Dying 24 Year-old

Fight for what you believe in and write the great story of your life!

5 Habits of Happy People

7 Reasons to Smile

Impressive Photography Playing with Lights and Shades

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Spirit And Nature Dancing Together

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So MANY Angels within these photos.  Can you see them?

Simply Beautiful!

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Day 54: The Man and the Most Painful Relaxation P.2; The Liver and Gallbladder

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Today in part two we will discuss the liver (yin) and the gallbladder (yang) meridian lines. The liver and gall bladder correspond to the wood element in Chinese medicine and it is said that people with a strong wood element have clear vision when setting goals, an ability to plan and execute decisions, and a clarity and decisiveness when arguing. I also want to discuss a bit more on the mental aspect of Yin Yoga to balance out the physical. Once you are comfortable with achieving the poses and can rest comfortably for some time in them it is time to extend the practice beyond just what your body is doing and feeling and begin to take mental inventory of the thoughts and emotions that arise.

What should I be thinking about while practicing Yin Yoga?

Nothing. Which is the hardest thing to focus on, to be honest. There is…

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