The Future

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When the realization hits you when you have nothing left

It’s a horrible feeling which leaves you bereft

A fear of the future, a desire to hang on to the past

A panic in your heart, you hope wont last

Who knows what the future for me will hold

I have to be strong, I have to be bold

All I can say, without any doubt

I’m going to start living and see what life’s all about.


Copyright ©2016 all rights reserved

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Bella Angel Cards

Stay Strong: Project Life


To honour Bella’s memory, I have been sharing Bella Angel Cards with people all over the world who have been performing random acts of kindness in memory of Bella (and I of course use them any chance I get). Click here to print your own cards (cut and glue the front and back). I love hearing about how people are using their cards and hope to hear from you. Love heals, and together we can make the world a better place.

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