Thinking of you all my Angels!

9 thoughts on “YOU ARE…

      • You’re welcome dear, I hope you are as well:) I’m not sure if I told you I’m now on the west coast:)


      • Yes I can say. You and a couple of others normally don’t show up in my comments section. Need to learn that trick unless you didn’t know sometimes you don’t appear there. I’m currently in Las Vegas. 🙂

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      • I hope so too. Things here aren’t so prosperous so you have to get side work. If I’m not wrong you’re not very far away yourself. I know you mentioned a thing or two in posts and comments and you and I are somewhat similar in age, active mess though I’m not married any longer and I believe that you are. I always like seeing your posts. I try to keep up with mine and the time change has effected me a bit but not as much ch as the sister and bf stalking;)


      • No, I’m not far – just outside of L.A. Side work is always good, extra money. 8) It’s nice to keep up with you and your adventures. I do enjoy your posts as well. I hope your new space treats you well, you deserve it!!


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