Thinking of you all my Angels!

9 thoughts on “YOU ARE…

      • You’re welcome dear, I hope you are as well:) I’m not sure if I told you I’m now on the west coast:)


      • Yes I can say. You and a couple of others normally don’t show up in my comments section. Need to learn that trick unless you didn’t know sometimes you don’t appear there. I’m currently in Las Vegas. πŸ™‚

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      • I hope so too. Things here aren’t so prosperous so you have to get side work. If I’m not wrong you’re not very far away yourself. I know you mentioned a thing or two in posts and comments and you and I are somewhat similar in age, active mess though I’m not married any longer and I believe that you are. I always like seeing your posts. I try to keep up with mine and the time change has effected me a bit but not as much ch as the sister and bf stalking;)


      • No, I’m not far – just outside of L.A. Side work is always good, extra money. 8) It’s nice to keep up with you and your adventures. I do enjoy your posts as well. I hope your new space treats you well, you deserve it!!


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