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In Silence We Suffer

I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to start today’s post by asking you all a couple of questions…

How many guys do you know who are open and honest

about their mental health?

I’ll give you a second to think about this.


Can I guess? I’m going to take a punt here and say very few… certainly no more than five.

Was I right?

Out of all the mental-health focused blogs that you read and follow,

how many would you say are written by guys?

I’ll give you a second to think about this.


Can I guess? I’m going to take a punt here and say very few…

Was I right?

Sorry for repeating myself, though I suspect that you have too. Right?

Perhaps I can go some way in explaining this phenomenon by stating that gender stereotypes exist, still. Yes, even in a world…

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Both are a life saver for me!  To stretch, meditate, relax, and to just breathe and focus on yourself for a while is so important!  And, with that – I also have my Mala Beads.  What are those you ask… well, let me explain…

Mala beads are more than just accessories. They’re meditation tools that have been used for thousands of years. They encourage us to pause, breathe and realign with our deepest intentions. They motivate us to invest in moments of self-care and compassion. They’re our spiritual forget-me-nots, they’re also beautiful. One of the questions we get asked most, is how to choose a mala. Choosing by intention is a great way to get started, there are also many other factors you should consider when choosing a mala. Learn more here.

Things that you are attracted to are an integral part of your healing process. Whether it be a beautiful landscape, a cute animal or a gorgeous mala; stop and take a moment to observe the things you find beautiful. Develop your own personal aesthetic. Meditate on this and strive to see beauty in everything. Surrounding yourself with beautiful and uplifting things is very powerful.


What is your favourite colour? What colour of clothing do you wear most often? Which colours are you drawn to? What colour are your favourite foods and scents? Life is full of colour, and like other things on your spiritual path it has meaning. You want to choose a mala that you will use and wear often so choose a stone colour that you are drawn too and can see being a staple.
Find a mala with a shape that you connect with. Ever heard of sacred geometry? The strands of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, crystals, the branching of trees, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Choose something that you are drawn to.
Hold the vision and trust the process. What do you want to create in your life? What are you working on? What do you truly desire? What are you struggling with? Ask yourself these questions and see if they guide to what you want to create as your intention. Once you get clear on what you want your intention to be, you will create a clear path. The process will be intensely empowering.
Each gemstone that we use in our mala beads is believed to emit its own special vibration and healing energy. Gemstones are to be worn near the chakras, which are energy centers of the body. Make sure that this energy aligns with your intention! A lot of malas will assist everyone on some level – see if you can find something that you connect with individually.
When in doubt, trust your vibes! What was the first mala you were originally drawn to? Which mala do you keep thinking about? Which one jumps off of the page? This is most likely the perfect mala for you! The more you trust your intuition, the stronger it gets. Choosing a mala is a combination of all of these factors – most importantly follow your intuition and follow your heart.

Still need more help? Navigate the depths of your soul and plunge head first into your desires with our Intention Map!

The Intention Map above is a way for you to get clear on your goals and intentions, so you create shift and make miracles. Play. Get lost in it. Repeat the process as much as you need to.

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Always with Light & Love my Angels!!!  Have an Awesome week!


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Angel Card Reading for Thursday – “Compassion”

Zadkiel can help you forgive yourself and others, or to compassionately see everyone else’s point of view.  You need not change your stance or behavior.  It means approaching each situation with a loving heart, which empowers you and allows creative solutions to come forth.

Archangel Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God” and he helps us release unforgiveness toward ourselves and others.

Always with Light & Love my Angels!


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Take chances, do things you never thought you would do, live and never have regrets. ~ Laugh ~ Dance Like No One Is Watching ~ and if they are, let them.  Have fun in life and dance in the rain because it can ALL be gone in the blink of an eye.


Sometimes you have…

Sometimes you have…

Sacred Touches

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**Images via Pinterest; collage by Natalie

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Watch “5 Ways to MANAGE your TIME and Yourself – #BelieveLife” on YouTube


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A picture says a thousand words …. “This one, a cartoon, screams, #25 …. Matthew is on the way …. PREPARE …. “!!


It Is What It Is


~~October 6, 2016~~ 


At the time of this writing, the morning is gray, overcast and rain is scant.

So far, only drizzling.

There’s an ominous feeling in the atmosphere, almost chilling.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to post.

Will return to usual ‘programming‘ hopefully Saturday morning.

It will all depend on the effects of this massive hurricane.

I’ve been through several of them before.

Believe you me, it’s not a fun experience.

The worst of the storm, in my area, is expected to start this afternoon around 5 PM.

The peak is expected around 2 AM.

By Friday afternoon, hopefully, it should be gone, continuing the trek up north.

I will return as soon as conditions permit.



Oct 6 2016 08:15 AM EDT

Hurricane Matthew is set to deliver a devastating blow to eastern Florida starting Thursday…

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Do not think of today”s failures, but of the successes that may come tomorrow. Helen Keller

Helen Keller Says: “Be of good cheer. Do not think of today’s failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow. You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles. Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.”

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