Live Light. Live Mighty.

Live Light. Live Mighty.

Live Light. Live Mighty. (2 min read) –

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The Last Blossom

A Life In London

Another old post lurking in my drafts. This was in Tokyo in spring when the cherry blossoms were unbelievable. I thought I’d had enough of them until I happened upon Ueno Park where they’d made a path across the middle of a lake and lined it with cherry trees. Like most things in Japan it was ever so crowded, which really just increased the hyperreal feel to it.

ueno blossom.jpg

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Happier? Healthier? More successful?
Isn’t vision the first step to change?
How will you see yourself today?

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The Year of Wisdom ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus – By Anrita Mechizedek




The Year of Wisdom ~ Teachings of the Eye of Horus

By Anrita Mechizedek

Elders January Transmission 2017

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Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this sacred month of January as you enter into this new nine year cycle, and deeper into your Christed Hearts and the pathway of Divine Love.

Sweet ones, where you are now, at this time of new beginnings, is within a deepening flow of creative inspirations, focus, and abounding synchronicities activated through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, to bring about your heart’s dreaming and the changes you wish to co-create within your own lives upon this sacred earth.

Through the many planetary activities of Light in 2016, the diamond light rays of creation, bringing deeper levels of your purity, innocence and divinity, and the third wave of photonic light frequencies…

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Live in the Moment


Spiritual Journey17

Every moment is valuable and we can miss out if we aren’t completely present, but no matter how many moments we miss, the eternal Now is always here.


Life is one big everlasting moment. It’s comprised of fleeting individual moments that don’t seem connected at the surface, but when we sit down and really take notice, we understand that there is only Now; therefore, live in the moment and make it worth remembering.

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Thursday photo prompt – Swan #writephoto

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Resistance Bands Overhead Triceps Extension

Chape Fitness

This is a great exercise for your triceps.

Anchor your band at the top of the door. Stand with your back to the door. Grab one handle with each hand and move away from the door until you feel the tension in the band. Lunge forward with one leg. Keep your chest up, back and head straight.

Position your arms so that your hands are at the back of your head, palms facing in, and your elbows facing forward.

Exhale and contract the triceps, extending your elbows, until your hands are at eye level and your arms are straight.

Inhale and gently return to starting position. Repeat.

Add to your calendar these awesome workouts:
Strength training: two different routines to make your muscles grow.
Fat loss: Six training circuits to help you lose those extra pounds.
Quick fixes: Easy routine to take care of your back after a hard day of blogging.


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Thanjavur and the Doctrine of Lapse

Angelic Architectural Beauty!

What an Amazing World!

Thanjavur 1 Thanjavur Maratha Palace

Chapter 4, Part 16

Once South and Southeast Asia were lands where Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms and empires, and later Islamic sultanates, conquered one another not only to exert their dominance, but also to control the lucrative spice trade in the region. Then the Europeans came and forever changed the geopolitical landscape of Asia and beyond. By the 19th century, two European nations – the British and the Dutch – through their quasi-governmental East India Companies had established monopolies on the world spice trade, from nutmeg to cinnamon, clove and pepper.

While the Dutch East India Company (VOC) were largely unchallenged in the Dutch East Indies (the precursor to modern-day Indonesia), the British East India Company (EIC) controlled much of the Indian subcontinent and Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka). In India, the EIC gradually rose to prominence within centuries since their inception at the turn of the 17th…

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Angel Card Reading for Thursday:  You Are Stronger Than You Know

Challenging situations show you your inner strength, especially when you seem to have no choice but to handle the matter directly. This card is encouraging you to keep going and to call upon the deep well of strength that God has given you. It is within you now, and you can draw it upward to serve you, like a tree drinking water through its roots.

While you may feel like giving up, this is a time to persevere. It’s a self-test . . . so that you can gauge how much strength you truly have. After the situation is resolved, you’ll feel safer and more confident because you’ll know that you can rely upon yourself.

My Angels ~ always keep your Faith and Trust that your Angels are taking care of the situation (whatever it may be) for you.  It might not turn out that way you want it to at the time, but it will turn out the way it is intended.  I know that might not make any sense and might be hard to understand, but when you have Faith and Trust – it all comes together.  Lord knows I have had many situations wherein I truly needed to have extreme Trust and Faith and I talked and still talk to my Angels on a regular basis.  I prayed and still pray a lot, but I know they have it!  I leave it in their hands and just breathe!

You are NEVER alone my Angels, never!  Always with LIGHT & LOVE!



I do love classic cars, car shows (in person), but on TV will work as well, and a funny show that shows classic cars and makes me laugh!  If you, my Angels, have not checked this out yet, you should…  8)

Enjoy the laughs Angels!!