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Four Ways Your Energy Animal Can Appear to You

Enchanted Circle of Witches®

Animals. We share our world with them, we have them as pets, and they can be a source of comfort and love. Animals can also be spiritual guides for us during times of need or to help us grow on our spiritual path. I call them energy animals because I work with energy and animal frequency, but they’re also known as totems, spirit animals, power animals, familiars, and animal spirit guides. All of these terms describe animals that guide, teach, and connect with you in order to deliver messages from the spiritual realm that you need to know at specific points in your life and on your path. Some appear for a short time, others are with us for a lifetime.

When an animal has a message for you, the energy surrounding the animal will feel different. It may feel as if the animal is staring you down…

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Facing Those Who Hurt You

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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Facing those who hurt you…
is not easy to do…
especially with children involved…
then comes grandchildren too.
For our natural instinct…
is to want to keep them away…
to protect children and grandchildren…
from the abuses experienced each day.
But our children grow up…
and as adults they can decide…

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Peace Within

11 Things That Happen When You Learn to Love Yourself


Dreamlike Views of Finland

ANGELIC Dreamlike Views of Finland


Finding the perfect visual asset for your next creative project can seem like a daunting endeavor. With an endless stream of possibilities it can be difficult to find the image or video that truly stands out and speaks to your audience in a unique way.

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Angelic beings

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Monochromatic contrast
Light against darkness


The dove perches on the wooden stall of the stable. I see only its back, white against the red-gold light. The folded wings  form a symbol of love. In the shadows, a newborn lamb takes its first faltering steps. I am apart from the scene, yet part of it; a witness, another note in the song, as the dance of life begins. In fragility and peace, I hear echoes of an ancient story. The farmyard angel watches and I, in my turn observe, awake to both kinship and  choice.


Clinging to shadows
Darkness closes on the mind
Hope seems extinguished
Turning my face to the light
I will choose to walk in peace


For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Aborigines: What can they teach us?

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.

AboriginesIt has been suggested that Australian Aborigines are primitive and uneducated; animists who uses ritual to win the favour of the spirits controlling food, shelter, and fertility and to ward off malevolent spirits.

Despite what sounds to the western mind as believing in superstition, these semi-nomads have shown enormous intelligence by hunting and foraging for food, and thus surviving, in extreme conditions of the arid bush-land and desert wastes for over 30,000 years.

Respect for nature of Aborigines

Like with other indigenous peoples, there is a sense of closeness with, and a deep respect, for the natural world of animals and plants. Full-blooded Aborigines in their natural state live in and are influenced by both the physical world and also by what they think of as a spirit world (dreamtime). They are not materialistically orientated like those of European descent. Their spiritual values have been reflected in a rich oral…

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My Lost Property

Southern By Design

DSC_0036 (2)Reflective by Mac©

I’m feeling something’s gone in me, but don’t know what it could be
And yet my heart is still all in tact, don’t know then what it is I lack
Often it seems to be very hard to cope, maybe I have lost all my hope
But my soul is surely in its place, and a smile is still across this face
Found my mind and it seems hazy and yes it’s even a wee bit crazy
Maybe I’ll not find my way, I could give up, look again another day

But on and on I’ll search some more, coming to this peaceful shore
Up to the water’s edge and take a look, realized that I have mistook
Many things my reflection shows to me, finding who I’m ment to be
In the search to find what’d been removed, I realized I’ve improved
So if you find my lost property

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God’s Perfect Grace


God’s Perfect Grace

Some of life’s best decisions

happen in an instant

that is stretched to eternity.

That moment when time slows

and swirls around your head,

distorting all,

and yet your thinking

never had such clarity!

In real time

you don’t skip a beat,

but in this disfigured warp-time

you sense all,

see all,

know all,

that ever was,

that ever is,

or ever will be.

And your soul knows the answer,


And any arguments to the contrary,

just fall to the wayside,

fall out of this other worldly,

time depressed,

image warped place.

And in that instant you know,

where you want to be,

where you were meant to go,

and how you are supposed to get there.

Yes, in that moment,

that is stretched to eternity,

the truth of your soul speaks

in the language of your mind.

And your heart,

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via If You Don’t Have The Right Mindset, You Are Going Nowhere! — Uphill Battle with Kim

This is borrowed from ~ the site wouldn’t let me reblog, so I shared a great post!  Thanks Angel!


My Angels:

You are luminous. You have a light in your heart that needs to shine — beyond the bushel under which you’ve hidden.

A bushel is a ye old timey word for a bowl or container (before it morphed into a peck’s measurement partner). But enough history….


Your angels want to talk about you, about your present.

Your gift to the world is your light, your heart, your love. But, before you can share it (or give it away), you get to unwrap it and discover what’s inside for yourself.

You have goodies in there you haven’t even touched yet. Your heart is a treasure trove and it’s time for you to go on a hunt for it.

Take a trip of self-discovery and explore who you are.

Expand what you can do.

Expand what you think you can do.

Evolve into your best future.

Thank you for “Heal Your Grid” for allowing me to share such an inspirational message.

My Angels, you have so much to offer, so much to explore both within yourself and within this beautiful Mother Earth.  So, dig deep and go exploring!  Keep me posted and let me know what you find.

Always with Light and Love my Angels!!

Listening to the birds

If you are always trying to be normal