Heaven On Earth


In order to live freely
as we are destined to live
we must completely
let go the past
that hovers like a
demented ghost
and only then we are free
in ways we never
before dreamed

MF Photography/ “Destiny” 2016©AmyRose

Living where I live in WNY means that many a day is overcast.  That means, in turn, a perfect day for a photographer to shoot.  In order for me to obtain the effect I have come to prefer in my photography, I need cloud cover.

Can you imagine what it has been like for me this year, that nary a day has seen cloud cover with day after day of bright sunny skies?  I’ve actually found myself groaning out loud some mornings when I opened my drapes and saw another sunny day.  The day I shot this, the skies were filled with patchy clouds which made my excitement soar…

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