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I got a message from one of the followers of this blog. For those of you who don’t read Swedish it says Hey check out my e-book Private Wine tasting…

The book is in Swedish but for those of you who read English you can check out the website bonvin.seinstead maybe.

Hej alla!

Nu går det att köpa min e-bok Vinprovningar hemma för en billig penning hos Adlibris, Bokus, Bokon, Dito och iBooks. Beskrivning av bokens innehåll följer:

“Tycker du om att träffa vänner, dricka vin och äta god mat, då är boken Vinprovningar hemma något för dig. Här finns 12 intressanta och lärorika vinprovningar med förslag på både viner och mat.
Exempel på teman är Röda vinstilar, Vita vinstilar, Mousserande viner, Roséviner och Fatlagring.
Du lär känna viner som framställs med Appassimento-metoden, Recioto, Amarone, Ripasso och Valpolicella Superiore.
Du lär dig skilja på vin från Bordeaux, Bourgogne och…

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The Wind Blows #maypoeticwings #poeticwings 

How can YOU help?

Matt Heller - Performance Optimist

I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a Myth of Employee Burnout development session with a group of young leaders. Because burnout is not something that is fixed overnight, I asked the participants what they were committed to doing after the session. To take it a step further, I offered to follow up with them on a date of their choosing to see how things were going.

When I got home and read through their responses, two things were very evident.

  1. These folks are highly committed to taking their leadership skills to the next level.
  2. As leaders of leaders, this list gives us a wonderful bit of insight into how we can help develop the leaders that report to us.

Transitioning into a leadership role is hard enough, then when you realize that you are now responsible for developing other leaders, it can be very daunting.

Here is the list…

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Your impact will have a long shelf life

Matt Heller - Performance Optimist

At the recent Florida Attractions Association conference, we got to hear from Brett Culp, an award-winning filmmaker who helps tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  One of his main messages was about impact, and the fact that you never know when or how your impact will be felt.

I had an experience at that very same conference that proves this theory.

One of the breakout sessions was lead by my colleague and good friend, Josh Liebman.  Josh and I have known each other for years through various industry endeavors, and currently we get to work together through my partnership with Amusement Advantage and his role as their Director of Business Development. He was also one of my very first guests on #3 Questions.

At the conference, his breakout session topic was “Create Guest Loyalty and Exceed Expectations” – something I know he knows a lot…

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Foam Roller: Adductor Relief

Chape Fitness

The adductor muscles are the muscles that run along your inner thigh. Tight adductor muscles are a common reason why people feel tight in the hips. Tight adductors can inhibit your glutes which can affect compound movements such as squats and lunges. Keeping the adductors loose is very important for hip mobility and to obtain the proper form of lower leg exercises.

To foam roll the adductors, you are going to have to get into an awkward beginning position. But it works.

Read the general instructions on how to foam rolling, here.

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Foam Roller: Lats Relief

Chape Fitness

Sore, tight, or injured lats might make it uncomfortable to take deep breaths. Tight latissimus dorsi has been shown to be one cause of chronic shoulder pain and chronic back pain. Because the latissimus dorsi connects the spine to the humerus, tightness in this muscle can manifest as either sub-optimal shoulder function which leads to chronic pain or tendinitis in the tendinous fasciae connecting the latissimus dorsi to the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Foam rolling your lats is a simple process that helps and prevents. Please, read the general instructions on how to foam rolling, here.

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Foam Roller: Neck Relief

Chape Fitness

At the base of the skull is a small group of muscles that serves to control and stabilize the head. These muscles can become overworked and chronically shortened. As these muscles adapt to the shortened position they can begin to impede blood flow to the brain and can be associated with tension headaches and chronic neck pain. Releasing these muscles can provide relief from chronic pain and headaches.

Main instructions on how to foam rolling, here.

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“Staying Focused During Change” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

“Letting Go and Allowing” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

RECEIVING THE LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson