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Welcoming the Dawn

In many spiritual traditions dawn – when the world is at its most peaceful –  is regarded as an ideal time for meditation. Just before dawn go outside and find a place to sit and watch the sunrise. As the sun emerges above the horizon, fill your awareness with the brightening hues of the sky and rejoice in the beauty of the new day. Feel the golden rays of the sun warm your face and allow hope to fill your heart and refresh your spirit. You have started the day well, my friend.

1001 Meditation

Mike George

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Live in the Present


“The condition of the time of acceptance that will most clearly reveal to you your status in regard to maintaining or sustaining your access to union will be that of the replacement of doubt with certainty. Certainty is a condi¬tion of the present. Realize you may say you are certain of the future or the past but that you cannot make it so. Thus your ability to maintain and then sustain your access to union and thus your certainty, goes hand-in-hand with your ability to live in the present. This ability is also contingent upon your recognition of what certainty really is.” (ACOL, D:Day7.20)

Jesus is here right in line with many others who have said that to live in the present is the very best way imaginable. We often can’t make it, though, having minds that flit about, obsessing over the past with things that can’t be changed, and…

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Memorial Day Photos — Blue Ridge Parkway, NC (Balsams, Plott Balsams, Devils Courthouse)

Angelic Beauty!

Lucky Otters Haven

I had no plans for Memorial Day and no one to spend it with, and I was going stir crazy sitting around the house, with nothing to do but watch the depressing news.     So I decided to go for a drive.

I’m lucky to live very close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, so I decided to drive south along it into the Plott Balsams, about 50 miles from my house.  This range (which is east of the Smokies) contains the highest peak along the parkway (6,053 feet).    The highest peak on the East Coast is Mount Mitchell (6,674 feet) in the Black Mountains, but that’s about 50 miles in the other direction.

I moved to western North Carolina in 1993, and I remember these high peaks you see pictured here used to be almost bald and covered with the dead white remains of the Frasier firs, which…

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I Am The Fire

Diary of an Aesthete

“Life for me is about moving on, staying strong, being free – progressing, always improving, doing, seeking, finding… and sometimes keeping. I’m happiest when I’m on a journey – whether inward or outward. I detest still waters of the soul – my spirit bursts and gushes forth, like a river. I am raw and alive. Freedom is my keeper. I live life according to the whims of my heart, not the logic of my mind. I am the eternal wanderer. He who walks. The Fire. I cannot be held or tamed – only fueled.” – England, Spring 2015.

“I am the fire. Free, raw, wild,
unpredictable, sometimes misunderstood,
addictive, always moving, never still,
unhold-able, untame-able, but fuel-able and fearless,
flying, falling, always burning down
– but from the ashes reborn.” – India, August 2015.

“I tell you to love this beautiful world, and it will love you back. I tell you to embrace…

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The Power of Falls

Diary of an Aesthete

Everybody’s Free.
I Am Free.
I Have Learnt the Truth of My Freedom.
I Have Felt the Power of Falls.

Ghana. Africa.

I took myself off one morning on an expedition deeper into the lush Volta Region.
A place where mountains rise to blue skies flecked with fluttering bats, trees grow apparently to the heavens, and monkeys come down to greet you as you pass by on foot. Here, there is a wilderness. Here, there is another way of life. Here, there is a chance to delve deeper into the World, the World you somehow knew existed, but didn’t fully believe…

Ghana is wild, alive. No matter how hard history has been to her land and her people, Ghana shines with Creation.
Bright, unfiltered, vibrant spirit. This land has awakened me.

As I arrived at the small village of Logba Alekpeti, I climbed down from the hot, congested tro-tro (local bus), thanked the locals inside…

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I Am What I Am

Diary of an Aesthete

  – “Koan – Klaus Wiese”

People have called me many things, given me many titles, accolades, nicknames and honours. In fact I have called myself many things. An artist, an Aesthete, a pilgrim, a wanderer, a muse.

Truth is I am not any of those things – no Christopher Columbus, Byron, Dorian Gray; not an expert traveller, adventurer, ‘nomad’ or gypsy. Neither am I a Prince, a Lord, Earl or King – yet less than that am I a peasant, a workman, vagabond or slave.

I am neither an ‘ill man’ or a ‘well man’.

I do not belong to the land I was born, as much as that land doesn’t belong to me. The blood of the English, Welsh, Jewish, Romani have passed through my being – yet they do not possess me, as I do not possess them. Many other dna have surely passed through me…

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