How To Survive The Goody Two-Shoes Character #SundayBlogShare #Writers


This can be a troubling situation for a writer and worthy of a blog post. I have recently suffered from this literary affliction and its a tough one to wrestle with readers.

You will have created an amazing fictional character who lights up your creative world. They are like an angel. For some strange reason you got carried away with their positive attributes, blessing them with; beauty, kindness, a gentle nature, a passion for old people, small children and animals, an inability to have a cross word about anyone, a vocabulary containing no naughty words, an inability to tell a white lie, a love of punctuality, a talent for giving thoughtful gifts at Christmas, a desire to give generously to the poor, a dislike of drinking, an inability to dance in supermarket aisles when no one is watching, a permanent smile on their face and no physical urges for anyone

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