The Ocean Welcomes Me Back

Gandalf the Grey — Elan Mudrow Photography

Happiness is not in things

The Mystery of Why a Civil War Submarine Sank: Science May Have Figured It Out

8 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Mind


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“For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so; his mind will remain the greatest enemy.”-Bhagavad Gita

In a perfect world, we as humans would all be divine beings capable of only love, compassion, and empathy. We would be slow to anger, patient, kind, and all the virtues most of us strive to attain.

No one would cut you off while you’re driving, or argue with a cashier because they made the mistake of ordering a small coffee instead of a medium. I became tired of letting these daily occurrences ruin my day.

I wanted inner peace.

I wanted to feel calm in a world full of chaos, despair, and hate. I wanted to be the best me that I can be. I frequently see yoga pictures of someone perfecting a pose…

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Sun is hot, means we too can be hot 😂

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Weekly Wisdom 24 August


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

From obscurity
Through perverse uncertainty
Mind and imagination
Lighting the path of the heart

For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Fall in love with taking care of your Body. Mind. & Soul.

Ignite with Danielle stone

Your mind body and soul are 3 crucial areas of your being that keep you going in this crazy world. Everyday life throws at us challenges to overcome and these challenges will never stop however when you have a solid foundation in these 3 areas it starts to make everyday life issues seem small and less stressful.

But how do you build a better foundation, how do you fall in love with taking care of your mind body and soul? Well here are 3 easy things that I do in my life to take care of my Mind, Body and Soul.

1. Become more in-tune & mindful about your inner thoughts & judgements placed on both yourself & others.

As your inner thoughts often reflect the state of your outer reality. The more positive these thoughts are the more joyful your life becomes. When you learn to take control of…

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Stop selling yourself short


This subject has come up a lot lately around me. Women constantly sell themselves short. To be fair I think that people sell themselves short. The saying he or she “is just not that into you” pops into my head. Why is it that we allow people to continue to come in and out of our lives using us and our resources until they have used us up and then move on? The obvious answer is self-esteem, or self-worth issues. But it seems to be a trend. I see it a lot. Even with people who are rather strong individuals. Even with those who seem to have a decent amount of self-worth. It still happens to the best of us.

Perhaps some of us want to be loved and to feel affection so bad that we allow things into our lives that we maybe would not if we had more…

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