C17-47 Getting Your Groove Back in 2018 and Beyond with Lynnis

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Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and ‘Wellness Journey’ host Lynnis Woods Mullins, on air November 21st ‘

Getting Your Groove Back in 2018 and Beyond ….Reprogram, Reenergize, Reconnect Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul

 We often go into a new season of life with hope and expectations for the better.  Whether it’s  ringing in a New Year with a new resolution or ushering in another birthday with expected new goals, we all have great expectations.  We look forward to reenergizing, reconnecting and in some cases reprograming ourselves in a new way of thinking and doing that gives us purpose and self -awareness.  Much like the character Stella did in the movie “When Stella Got Her Grove Back”, we want to get our “groove back”  .  We want the opportunity to start thriving again, to start walking in our purpose, to feel that sense of optimism and joy that…

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TBT 17-45 ‘A better way of seeing”

Self Discovery Media Community

“Thoughts Become Things: International”  with Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity, on air from November 7th

I Chose this title instead of “A better way of being” because, in order to be, you must first see. I always say that life’s test is: can you stay positive in the face of all the negativity going on around you. It’s obvious that most of the Earth’s population cannot. Because not only is it not easy, but controlling one’s thoughts is the hardest thing a person can do according to both science and religion. But it yields the greatest reward. The ability to create your future. So instead of trying to change your thoughts, let’s change the way we see things. This way our thoughts will fall in line.                                                 …

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TBT 17-47 “CREATE SPACE” before thought or intellect is activated

Self Discovery Media Community

“Thoughts Become Things: International”  with Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity and his guest Denise Povernick, on air from November 21st 

“My Life Purpose is not something I do but WHO I AM.  My mission and passion are to help other’s make better choices in all areas of their lives MIND – BODY – SPIRIT.   I introduce people to themselves for the very first time by bring awareness to the present moment.  In this beautiful NOW moment you are eternally reborn over and over with all that you share the Now moment with.  I consider that an honor to be a part of your journey.  I remind others how one must first “CREATE SPACE” before thought or intellect is activated.  A life where thought dominates, can frustrating hit or miss approach if you have not first created the space for the the thought seed to be planted, nurtured and allowed to flow…

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Whispers of The Heart

Self Discovery Media Community

Whispers of the Heart show is a weekly offering from Denise Povernick, where she shares with you how to recognize, honor and share the Whispers in Your Heart.  Denise calls this Discovery your Heart Song.  By discovering your Heart Song you will discover and align your own personal Trinity of Mind – Body – Spirit and become aware of the Divinity of Your Infinity that has always been present within you.


This Week On …Whispers of the Heart

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REMEMBER: Deep Wounds = Great Blessings

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Today, as I continue to think of victims of abuse and the blessings that the Lord has given all of us, I remembered this message that the Lord clearly spoke to me in 2013 and wanted to share again. Remember that all the pain and heartache that we go through and all the brokenness that we experience, is only an indication of the overflowing blessings that God has in store for us. We just need to trust Him.


These words came to me today…

“The depths of your wounds is inversely proportional to the heights of your blessings….”

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Home Chocolate Making for Beginners

The Dancing Herbalist

It never seemed realistic to make chocolate at home. A chocolate tart, sure, but chocolate made from cacao beans? Impossible. Yet every couple of months, that’s exactly what I do. I even capture this experience on my website, in all of it’s it’s disastrous yet delicious glory. As one of your guest bloggers for this month I hope you will enjoy these fun chocolate excursions. -Max Gandy

For me to make chocolate at home in South Korea, starting with 2kg of un-roasted cacao beans, takes about a month. Over the course of that month, in my free time–when I’m not teaching English, rock climbing, or finding the nearest dance floor–I inspect, sort, roast, break, winnow, and grind those beans into a paste. These brown almond-shaped seeds were grown in football-shaped pods, harvested from large tropical trees grown around the equator, and then collected, fermented and dried before being shipped…

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What Makes Chocolate Good for You

The Dancing Herbalist

Is chocolate actually healthy? The buzz around chocolate these days is around flavonoids and trace minerals, some of the molecules that make cacao a so-called “super food.” But do you know what those things are, and more importantly, why they matter?

Dame Cacao 01

5 Reasons to Eat More Quality Chocolate

Chocolate is good for us because it makes us happy on a basic, chemical level. Studies have proven this time & time again, and no, a Cadbury bar that’s 50% sugar doesn’t count. But a positive brain response is not the only reason to grab a quality chocolate bar for your post-meal bliss.

  1. Small amounts of quality chocolate fight the aging process.
  2. The fat in cacao is good for you, in moderation.
  3. When chosen discerningly, chocolate raises people out of poverty.
  4. Cacao trees help to maintain biodiversity on plantations.
  5. Sustainable chocolate teaches you about other cultures.

Dame Cacao 1

Chocolate on a Chemical Level

Understanding chocolate…

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Happy Thanksgiving Angels

Happy Thanksgiving Angels! I started with a little run around a very nice lake and then a little dinner to follow.  My Angels, I know at times things might seem bleak, tough, or just out of co trol, but please remember to keep the faith and stay positive. Remember also to talk to your Angels… they are around and listening. Also, a little prayer never hurt anyone. Pray to whomever you are comfortable and talk to your Angels my loves.

My loves… I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and please know you are all loved and prayed for.

Always with Light and Love!! 💕❤️🍁😇🙏🏻😇



Smile… it is contagious!

Fan Friday

I went back and picked a few of your “favorite” workouts to make this week’s… Fan Friday workout. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, knowing how much you probably won’t. This week, my father told me a joke. It’s so bad it’s actually a little funny. “Why did the belt go […]

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Born Again

Angelic Love!!

Essentialist and Wannabesaint

Born Again

I desire to be born again, each day emerging from a blanket cocoon, different from the person I was yesterday. Each day we take steps toward who we will eventually be at the end of our lives. Some are making progress toward love, grace, kindness, and peace, others walk in another direction.

What we do today determines who we will be tomorrow. This is a truth I try to live by. What we put our minds to, invest our emotions in, allow our spirits to inhabit, shapes the person we’ll be tomorrow and in the future. We underestimate the “big” and “little” experiences we encounter each day. We dismiss character flaws, hidden hurts, negative habits, and other behaviors and attitudes that either place chains on our souls.

To emerge, new each day, takes work today. We choose where our path will go, not what our path will go…

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Eternal #midnighthaiku


Thank you to ALL Veterans Past, Present, and Future! God Bless You All, Amen!

Always with Light and Love! ❤️❤️🇺🇸💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸