ANGEL SOULS ~ Do You Know Who You Are Becoming?

This was in my email box today and I just had to share this with all My Angels!  Angel Souls is a great Enlightenment of Faith, Positivity, Light, and Love.  Michelle is an Angel herself and I just love her and her Angel Souls!  Please read… consider… think… and delve into your true and own potential.

Always with Light & Love Angels!!


One of the things I hear the most is that many are feeling that they are shifting, changing, and that they cannot see the road ahead. I understand this completely. I’ve been there.
We are witnessing an invitation to spiritual evolution, and it is one many have accepted–no matter the unknown and sometimes difficult journey we then have to take. So as a bit more of our light ignites and shines, another step is lit up. We continue on in this manner, only knowing how to go forward when we are upon the next choice. This can leave many of us appreciative for this rediscovered personal light, but still noticing the dark around us. Some may fear this, as anything could lurk there. Yet others may feel helpless that their ‘small’ light does so little. The dark seems too vast.
Remember that the light is not wholly on you to create. Every being has the capability of shining this light, expanding it until it meets the light of another. The light then compounds, reveals, and helps in deeper understanding. That’s all well and good…but how do we get there?
First, you stop. Stop right now. Stop letting a program of self deprecation, low self worth, holding back your talents, taking derogatory opinions as fact, desperation, validation need, eat-or-be-eaten mindset–take you away from the truth.
Second, remember. Remember who you really are. This won’t look like an ego pursuit of “being above it all.” This, perhaps, will look like stunned silence followed by a gentle smile.
Third, work. Inner work. Meditation and breath work can reconnect all lines of power within you, giving you clarity, broadening the scope of that light so that you not only see one step ahead, but the expanse of beauty that has been there all along. You’ll appreciate the beauty of where you are, because you might be there for a bit. Spiritual growth is no race. It’s a gradual walk where you continuously get to know yourself all over again.
Fourth, reinvent. In this new perspective, you can make new choices. You can create. You can love, and you can learn.
Of all Archangels, Archangel Chamuel can help you on this path of self love, alignment and fulfilling your own potential. From here, you’re steady enough to flow into the next chapter of this journey you were so convinced was a great idea at one time.
Again, I feel you. I’ve been there.
Check out this course on Archangel Chamuel to get your story going! See all other course offerings at
I thank you all for continued love and support.
Cheers to the light,
Michelle Patterson
Angel Souls
For Personal Readings:

River, lazy river . . .



“River, lazy river
carry me slowly out to sea
Past your drooping willows
and your mighty cypress tree
Shadows cover muddy banks
fish jump at their prey
Your scent fills my mind with memories
just like a song from yesterday
Surreal, so surreal like floating on a cloud
Carrying me softly far away,
where trouble and worries are not allowed
River, lazy river don’t rush
and bring this journey to an end
Your quiet beauty on this summer day
Has caressed me like a dear, dear friend.”

~ Dale Totten

Art Robert Bissell
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Nook

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Full Moon 11° Virgo Dissolution Into Evolution – 3-1-2018


03-1-2018 Full Moon

When –March 1, 2018 ~ 7:52 pm EST / March 2, 2018 ~ 12:52 am UST

Corollary New Moon at 27° Virgo
September 20, 2017 ~ 01:30 am EST / September 20, 2017 ~ 05:30 am UST

You can read about this corollary lunation on the post at my website for free, here:

This full moon occurs at 11° Virgo, the 6th house, indicating a space where our personal, private selves are caught up in routines, our health, exercise, day to day work and habits and routines.

Virgo is ruled by the planet of communications, Mercury, and so the moon in Virgo directs our attention to Mercury, because the moon’s energy will be supporting Mercury by rulership.

Mercury at 22° Pisces, the 12th house occupies the opposite sign of Virgo where the moon is transiting, which might give the impression of clashing energies, but because of Mercury’s…

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Beyond Tomorrow

Pen & Paper


Face forward into a windy day and listen,

Feel the sun upon your face and dream,

Watch the clouds and learn to change,

Look to a starry night and know light even in darkness,

Gaze upon fields of wheat and see the gold,

Go barefoot on a stony path and dance,

Watch the trees in the forest and learn to see,

Look upon mountains high and know the nobility in a blade of grass,

Hear thunder on a stormy day and feel the power,

Feel rain drops fall upon your face and drink,

Watch lightening cross the sky and learn to strive,

Look onto the heavens and know the magnificence of you,

Feel the sand beneath your feet and run,

Watch seabirds fly and learn to soar,

Listen to the ocean and hear the siren’s song,

Look to the endless blue horizon and know infinity,

See life as…

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Random Factoids 28.02.2018

Our ‘Go To’ Herb: Basil

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Ocimum basilicum

Also, Known As:

  • Arjaka
  • Basil
  • Common Basil
  • French Basil
  • Garden Basil
  • Luole
  • Royal Herb
  • St. Josephwort
  • Sweet Basil
  • Tulsi

The plant known as the basil is an annual herb, which is cultivated worldwide as a flavoring herb in many cuisines. The basil comes in many different varieties, each with its own unique chemical composition and characteristic flavor – the main use of the herb is culinary. The flavor and character of any particular variety of basil are affected to a great extent by many external environmental factors, including factors such as temperature, the type of soil, the geographic location, and even the amount of rainfall received by the individual plant. Morphologically the plant possesses thin branching root which grows out into bushy stems that can reach 1-2 feet in height when fully grown, the stem of the plant bears many leaves which have a characteristic purple hue or…

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6 Workview Questions

100 SUPER Friendship Quotes To Warm Best Friend’s Heart – BayArt

Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other and best friend quotes share the most inspiring, touching, thought-provoking and helpful thoughts about friendship. Few things have such a huge impact on happiness and the enjoyment, depth and plain fun of life as the friendships we have. Good mates are there for you in good and … Read more100+ SUPER Friendship Quotes To Warm Best Friend’s Heart

Source: 100 SUPER Friendship Quotes To Warm Best Friend’s Heart – BayArt

The beauty of the images of nature: …… (3)THE FALLS

800px-mealy_fallsvia The beauty of the images of nature: …… (3)THE FALLS

Thank you paintdigi for sharing…

Today’s Guidance, February 28, 2018

Debrah Rose Guidance

Today’s Guidance comes from The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor. Card Illustrations by Cheri Polk. Interpretation by Debrah Rose


2 of Scrolls – Two Worlds


Too often many believe that they must follow their spiritual/soul path OR the path of the physical world. So many build their life in the physical world, ignoring the spiritual side of themselves until a life altering event comes into their life, also know as the cosmic 2×4 wack upside the head.


We get these wake up calls to give us a little time and space to step back and see where our lives have become out of balance.


You may have spent many life times alternating between lives devoted to a spiritual practice and lives devoted to advancing in the physical world. You may have brought into this life the belief that a spiritual…

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Monday Mantra


Your inner beauty, your strengths
and your talent
Far outweigh any deficits
you may have.


©words/photo: Alexis Rose

Thank you for reading my new book, If I Could Tell You How It Feels, available in both ebook and paperback from Amazon.

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I Am Because We Are, and Since We Are, Therefore, I Am – John S. Mbiti |

Source: I Am Because We Are, and Since We Are, Therefore, I Am – John S. Mbiti |

This Is Peace

Merging Traffic

This is peace. To look upon
the worst of my life,
to grieve even, and
to know with a certainty
that all is well.

~ Ken Fales (

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Commentary #63: “Awareness vs. Understanding”

Hot Shot Headlines

Image Credit: TOBYMAC

I started following Caralyn’s awesome blog, Beauty Beyond Bones, a while back. She is an awesome, amazing woman. I love all of her posts!

She always shares something profound, or thought-provoking, every week. This past week was no exception.

Here’s the link to her post, published on February 22nd:

Caralyn’s focus is her journey after her eating disorder (ED). She’s a beautiful woman, who is an activist for so many causes. She posts recipes, too!

This particular post shined a spotlight on Weight Watchers being in the news last week, and not for a good reason.

They announced they would be offering free memberships to teens, ages 13-17.

Naturally, this caused almost immediate backlash.

I’m with Caralyn. I don’t agree with Weight Watchers offering these free memberships. Teens, ages 13-17, have enough to deal with in their lives. Yes, obesity remains a…

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