Millions Of Young Voices Have Made History On The 24th Of March 2018

Gronda Morin

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For numerous young peoples, their worldview of their place in it, was altered on Valentines Day in the USA, the 14th of February 2018. This was the day a young mass shooter under 21 years of age, took his legally purchased AR15 into Marjory Stoneman High School in the idyllic southern Florida town of Parkland, where he proceeded to fatally gun down 17 victims in a little over six minutes.

This was a typical sprawling Florida high school of several buildings with over 3000 students. After the kids had spent their day by exchanging Valentine Day cards and other activities, they were ready to call it a day. As a fire alarm bell rang, the chaos began.

See: Who they were: The victims of the Parkland school shooting LA Times

Who they were: The victims of the Parkland school shooting (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

The mass shooting at the Parkland, Florida high school is one out of a…

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Ben Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda …. “🎼🎼 Combined Forces For A ‘March For Our Lives’ Anthem 🎼🎼 …. “!!

It Is What It Is


~~March 26, 2018~~


HamilDrop: Ben Platt & Lin Manuel Miranda Mashup “Found Tonight”


Found Tonight with Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt and all of Troupe 10036

I’m an ardent fan.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an amazing talent.

His Puerto Rican roots make it even more significant for me.

He has shown immense interest in social causes.

Benjamin Schiff Platt (born September 24, 1993) is an American actor and singer known for originating the role of the title character in the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen, a performance for which he has won numerous awards.

Here you have two amazing talents joined for a common cause for the future of the children of this nation.



A song dedicated to the ‘March for our Lives’ movement.

This is for students and young leaders everywhere.

#EnoughIsEnough #NeverAgain

#Theatre #Hamilton #Broadway #Theatreis

Theatreisdead Facebook Page


March 19, 2018 by Jenny Singer

The heart-stopping anthem…

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IOTD …. “✊🏽 Images of the Day, VERY Special Edition …. #ImWithHer …. Emma González ✊🏽 …. “!!

It Is What It Is



Emma González, the fiercely outspoken teen who stunned America with her silence


By Nicole Chavez and Saeed Ahmed

She strode on stage at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington over the weekend, and listed the names of the 17 students and staff gunned down at her high school in Parkland, Florida. And then she went silent.
Minutes ticked by. One. Two. Three. Four.
It was a visceral moment – one that an analyst called:

“the loudest silence in the history of US social protest.”

It was the 18-year-old’s way of showing the world how it felt to crouch in a school room for 6 minutes and 20 seconds while a murderer carried out his shooting spree.


“What we know about Emma Gonzalez, the fiercely outspoken teen who stunned America with her silence”


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Rebel, … Time for A New Beginning!

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March 26th: Your message today is loud and clear!! The Fool’s Message says it’s time to take a leap of faith and start a new beginning! While the other message says it’s time to Rebel from your ego and take charge of your life!
Who from your past have you been allowing to run your inner world? What authority figures? Who scared you into submission with their disapproval or threats?
It’s time to forgive them and know that they had their own limitations which is why they were so intimidating! They’re simply people like you who may have been scared and allowed their own egos to scare you!
Once you obtain clarity and can muster up forgiveness, these past authority figures will no longer have power over you! Here is your New Beginning!
Find in your heart, in your spirit, in your soul …. what is your personal truth? Listen…

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Five little angels.

Five little angels.

Five Little Angels 😇

Crystals for Boosting Energy

Rocky Mountain Medium Canmore

The inside of an Abalone shell.

*While there are many crystals that can boost energy and bring feelings of stamina, motivation, and alertness, these are some of my favourite go-tos for that purpose. I find that crystals that are orange and yellow are good choices for bringing a boost of energy, as they stimulate the sacral and solar plexus. Red crystals bring stamina as well, and they are good for grounding and strength, but I find more of an energy-stimulating effect from the orange and yellow crystals (crystals can affect everyone differently though). I may add more to this list later, but for now I think it is a good start. Realize also that crystals are not a substitute for medical or psychological advice or therapies, they are simply complementary (but realize also that there is no scientific evidence for their effectiveness).*

*Crystals for Boosting Energy:

1. Amber

Amber is…

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