Good Day Angels!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been a bit busy.  You see – I am moving soon and have been trying to get things in order.  The house we just bought is being rented out, decisions have to be made, and we are packing up most of our things, but also minimizing quite a lot (donating tons and trashing most).  If I’ve had it and not used it for a year or more than it is time for it to go.  It’s just stuff and of no use to me.

Moving On

It’s time to let go again and move onward and upward in this thing called life.

So much has changed and happened in my years here whereby I can finally tell myself that I can now breath and have a more happier life (in another state).  It’s been so stressful most of the time that I can actually say I’ve had too much going on in my head.  These days I have learned to let go, learned that I can no longer be the one who handles all issues and takes care of all business, learned that after the past has caught up to those who so deserve it that I am now free.  We are all now free!

I look forward to change and the new adventures to come!

Best Decision

Always be ready for change Angels and know if whatever the situation is you are facing might seem gut-wrenching horrible now while you’re in it, know this too shall pass.  Believe me… it will pass.  It might not feel like it or seem like it will ever end, but it will.  Eventually you will find your strength and Light again ~ just hang in there and keep your Faith.  Always keep your Faith!  I promise things will get better.  You will look back as I do now wherein I wondered if I would truly live through it, I didn’t think I would, but my family unit is strong and together we ALL prevailed.

I’m ready now… Let’s Get To This Thing Called Life!

Always with Light and Love Angels ~ Always!!!



Wildness of clouds

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Skies live in eager states
ever changing form.
As we gaze into the depths
seeing all we could imagine,
we are left wonderous
not knowing quite how it eclipses our hopes.
Dreams become realized
with the sincerest form of joy and bliss,
with just a look above,
Who do we become?
Our journey taking us forward
deeper into realms realized,
we gaze at the mirror
seeing unfamiliar selves,
looking back in the deeper state,
we step into the new form
finding the comfort spot
we tuck in gently
becoming familiar with this new skin,
ever aware of the fit.
We are in the throes,
becoming for a moment
something new and unique
almost a doppelganger of the cloud forms we see,
stormy or calm
it matters not
for now we drift on the winds
the keepers of our tomorrows,
all we imagine
all that we can…

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Cicada Fibers

New fears

Have their roots in the old.

They are written in

Layers of sedimentary rock


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Prayer for Abundance in Life from


Thank you “Totally Inspired Mind” for sharing this awesome post via Divine Goddess Coaching!!  I had to share myself… 8)

c013f495-b642-4a23-822e-eaa8b403e0dc Always with Light & Love!

Chakra States – be careful who you spend time with

Seven Cups Mystic

We all want our chakras to be opened and balanced – to be receptive and in good alignment – to just be in a good state.  You may even work on your chakras periodically, making sure that they are open, maybe even getting a chakra reading to see if they are all in working order.

But, what about the chakras of the people you spend a lot of time with.  Those of your partner or your children who you cohabitate with?  The chakras of your bestie who you spend every free moment while not at work with?  That annoying temp who you share a cubicle with? What if I told you that the state of the individual’s chakras that you spend a lot of time with can actually affect your chakras??

We see this most commonly with children.  Some children will start to take on the chakra imbalances of their…

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Good People Doing Good Things — The Next Generation

Filosofa's Word

If there is hope for the future, it must lie with our young people.  Every week, when I begin trolling the ‘net for a good person to write about, I come across many, many shining examples of young people – some as young as 5-years-old – doing good things.  This week is no exception, and being in somewhat of a bleak mood after the events of the past few days, I decided to give my sagging spirits, and yours I hope, a boost by seeing what our future leaders are up to.

Sam Coleman-Dancer, 19, works at an Ace Hardware store in Cleveland, Mississippi.  Two weeks ago, an elderly man walked into the store looking for a shovel. The man proceeded to tell Sam how he was just diagnosed with cancer and was having to bury his beloved dog of 15 years.

“He told me about the times they spent…

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Chakras and Auras – How they Work Together

Coven Life®

Did you ever wonder what the differences are between chakras and auras?  Or how they work together?  Did you ever think it might be useful to know?  (Hint:  It is)

Understanding these energy centers is one way to enhance your spiritual unfoldment, psychic development, and gain more insight into this wild ride we call life.

An Overview of Chakras and Auras

Your Chakras

Chakras are multi-colored, beautiful spinning wheels in our energy fields.  I like to envision them as the spinning pinwheels I had when I was a kid.

We have seven main chakra points.  (Some people believe we have many, many more, including hundreds of “mini-chakras”.)  Here are the main ones:

To read the rest of this article please click oon this link: Chakras and Auras

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Working Out Alone is Not for Everyone…

One Mom's Journey with CrossFit

Sometimes being alone is good.

You can listen to your thoughts.  Get a lot of work done without distractions.  Reconnect with yourself.

Sometimes, however, you need support and a push.

I like to work out alone.  No one judging.  I can do my own thing on my own time.

However, it can be challenging at times.

Today for example.

I had to do heavy push jerks.  I hate heavy push jerks because they are hard for me.  I never want to do them.  They suck.  And there were 20 of them.  In a row.

I did these one at a time, and they were tough.  The only thing that kept me going is my innate desire to finish and to conquer.  Otherwise, I would have quit because no part of me wanted to do them.

It’s all too easy to quit when you’re alone.  Because no one is looking.  No…

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Sat Nam Dear Ones-

Every time you come to this Earth, you have an instant relationship with every soul-body who’s wanting to know what you know . . . to master the human technology you’ve mastered. Then there’s that pesky thing called timidity, nervousness, and intimidation that pays you a visit. This is not a bad thing, it has a bad reputation, but it’s not a bad thing. When you’re nervous, and intimidated, you’re nerves are aware of the importance of the moment . . . there’s tremendous energies igniting inside you to deliver what’s to be delivered. This also demonstrates that you’re the person with something of value to deliver. Break it down . . . the word is nervous . . . it’s about the nerves . . . the nerves carry messaging, information, and energy to deliver the momentum to the moment. Like when you’re going on a journey in your car, you make sure there’s sufficient gas (enough energy) . . . this is exactly what’s taking place in your body. When you have a journey — an assignment to carry out — the nervous system makes sure you have a full tank of energy. This is called being nervous, but it’s not a bad thing, it’s a fully energized thing. Over the recent centuries, it’s been thought of as a discomfort . . . and the past few centuries have been focused on achieving creature-comforts. But when you’re born on this Earth, you’re here to deliver the lessons you’ve learned to those who’ve been waiting lifetimes to learn them . . . your tank fills up for the lessons to be delivered and fulfilled . . . the sensation is called “being nervous.” There’s that saying amongst actors . . . “If you are not nervous before going out on stage, you’re going to fall flat.” You need a full tank of energy to go out onto the stage of life and deliver.

Our prayer is that whenever you’re nervous, you know that you’re essential to the moment; instead of branding this feeling as bad, reshape it into your best friend; understand this as a message from infinity — you’re being prepared for your destiny as a teacher . . . capture the pure nervous energy in the sails of your attitude and fly with it. 

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…Sat Nam,

Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur


When you’re nervous, and intimidated, you’re nerves are aware of the importance of the moment . . . there’s tremendous energies igniting inside you to deliver what’s to be delivered. This also demonstrates that you’re the person with something of value to deliver.
 When you have a journey — an assignment to carry out — the nervous system makes sure you have a full tank of energy. This is called being nervous, but it’s not a bad thing, it’s a fully energized thing.

My Angels, I share this interesting email with you on behalf of Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur ~ being nervous in any situation is natural and only human.  It’s what makes life… real and, has you in the moment/present.  Having nerves and being nervous is exciting, frustrating, and yet necessary all at the same time.

Enjoy you day Angels!!  Always with Light & Love!


I have gotten into the habit for a “long time” now to go through all of my things once or twice a year and donate anything that I have not used, worn, watched, etc. within a year. Why?  Because it is just stuff that is lingering and truly… if it was that important for me to use and have I would be using it more often than not.  So, it’s just stuff taking up space.

Everything we own can be placed in three piles.

Essentials. Few possessions should fall into this pile. These are the necessities we can’t live without: food, shelter, clothes. While the specifics change for each person, most of our needs are universal.

Nonessentials. In an ideal world, most of the things we own would fit in this pile. These are the objects we want in our lives because they add value. Strictly speaking, I don’t need a couch, a bookshelf, or a dining table in my livingroom, but these items enhance, amplify, or augment my experience of life.

Junk. Sadly, most of our things belong in this pile. These are the artifacts we like—or, more accurately, think we like—but they don’t serve a purpose or bring us joy. The average American home contains more than 300,000 items, and most of it is junk. While this junk often masquerades as indispensable, it actually gets in the way of a more meaningful life.

Of course, the personal effects in these piles are different for everyone. The widgets that add value to my life might be junk to you, and vice versa. The key, then, is to continue to question the things we bring into our lives, and to question the things we hold onto, because the stuff that adds value today might be tomorrow’s junk.

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If you’re not familiar please check them out… quite an eye opener and something to think about.

Always with Light & Love Angels!!