The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (佛牙寺龙华院)

The Clarity Compass

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is located along South Bridge Road making it one of the four religious buildings along the same stretch of road, defining once again how multicultural Singapore can be. When it was completed in year 2007, it costs more than SGD $62 million mostly by private donations from many sponsors.

The BTRT is one of the most popular attraction within Chinatown largely possibly due to the rich architecture of Tang dynasty style and possibly due to it’s bright (and Gold!) laden designed interior.

Brief History

Now a relic is defined as “a part of a deceased holy person’s body or belongings kept as an object of reverence.” The “specific Buddha tooth relic” that drives the name of this temple was discovered by Venerable Cakkapala from a collapsed stupa in Myanmar back in the 1980s. Before his death, Venerable Cakkapala passed the tooth to a Venerable Shi…

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