‘Blind’ homeless cat regains his sight, then surprises rescuers with his beautiful unique eyes — Positive Outlooks

If you are an animal lover, hearing rescue stories about them might be one of your favorite things. Well, this one will surely tug at your heartstrings, as the feline protagonist in this story surprised his rescuers with something they never imagined they would discover. This is Cotton, a stray cat who had been living…

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253+ EXCLUSIVE Alan Watts Quotes To Blow Your Mind — BayArt

With countless essays, over 25 books, and nearly 400 lectures, Alan Watts quotes will make you more aware of yourself and your world. There are a lot of topics such as the meaning of life, love, death, higher consciousness, the true nature of reality and the pursuit of happiness. Who is Alan Watts? Alan Wilson Watts…

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My Trip To Egypt!

Can’t Wait to Go!

Rosie Culture

Egypt is unlike any place I’ve been before. Flying in, you can immediately see how much of a city it really is as it is packed with stone apartment buildings. We had to catch on to the culture pretty quick here because there’s a lot to learn and a lot to be weary of. I think there are a lot of pros and cons to visiting Egypt. The pros mostly surrounding the history and just how amazing to see things built thousands of years ago. Cons are the way tourists are treated in Egypt – they are mostly treated and seen as a way to get money. The city itself could also use a lot of love, buildings were in disrepair and it didn’t seem like there was any sort of garbage pick up.

It was a huge traveling learning experience and I’m so grateful because we got to see…

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Manifest Your BIGGEST Desire… — Manifest Twin Flame UNION

It seems that we make tolerating our circumstances and succumbing, instead of surpassing, a common way of life. Here’s how to overcome that, expand your realm of possibilities and manifest what you want in life. Even if it’s been difficult in the past. >>>WATCH TODAY’S READING- UNION HAS COME

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Tai Chi Arts

A real gift to listen?
Can you listen without thinking of a reply?
Will you give the gift of your presence today?

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Tai Chi Arts

No such thing?
Only happy accidents?
Are you open to those unexpected gifts?
Why not look for one today?

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Intensive Shine Hair Color Kit5 Minute Hair Color for Men



5 Minute Beard & Mustache Color

13-Year-Old Lexi Proctor Launched Her Own Hair Care Line After Being Bullied About Her Natural Hair — Hello Beautiful

13-year-old Lexi Proctor has a head full of luscious curls that frame her youthful face. But bullies made her feel like her hair was less than beautiful. “I was bullied and teased about my hair and I just hated it,” Lexi explained in a candid chat. Lexi felt the pressure to straighten her kinky curls […]

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Today’s Guidance, November 15, 2018

Debrah Rose Guidance

Today’s Guidance comes from the Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield. Card Illustrations by Josephine Wall. Interpretation by Debrah Rose http://www.debrahrose.com




This is a gentle reminder that you have the strength within you to remove the barriers you have put in place as a means to protect yourself from further pain. You are ready to heal this pain. But first, you must be willing to feel through the emotions that are the foundation of your walls within.


You needed this protection in the past, but now it is hindering your growth. The fact that you are now aware of this barrier means it is ready to be healed and dissolved so that you may experience life to its fullest.


Fear does not keep you safe, these barriers are rooted in fear, and they will not keep you safe. You are ready, take what…

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Success A Few Questions Away

The Reflecting Pool

Positive Thought Project 

Success– the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

success questionsSuccess is something all people aspire to. It is the signal that our efforts have been allowing us to move forward to achieving the things we want in our lives.  Accomplishments could be personal or professional but one of the best ways to guide yourself toward success is to ask yourself the right questions about how you are progressing each day.  This is a shift in consciousness for most people. Either you are drifting on a river going where life takes you or you are steering your raft in the direction of your success.  The paddle you steer is the questions you ask yourself.  It starts with a conscious awareness of your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions in pursuit of your desired purpose and questions that will take you there.

Why Questions Build Success

Questions are a tool that…

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