Today’s Guidance, December 18, 2018

Debrah Rose Guidance

Today’s Guidance comes from Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield. Card Illustrations by Josephine Wall. Interpretation by Debrah Rose


Get Clear


When you feel stuck, in a rut, or your life is not what you would wish it to be, it is time to get clear on what it is you truly desire. Your desires will change over the course of your life experiences and being clear on what it is you want now is an important step in moving towards them.


Writing, talking with your angels/guides, or trusted counselor/advisor are all ways that can assist you in gaining clarity about what it is you truly want out of the situation.


Before setting an intention and taking the appropriate next step, having clarity is the key that will assist you in taking the right course of action.



As always, take what…

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“Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.”

Art of Quotation

“Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.”

Baltasar Gracian, Spanish, writer, cleric

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“Everything you desire is outside your comfort zone – otherwise, you would already have it.”

Art of Quotation

“Everything you desire is outside your comfort zone – otherwise, you would already have it.”

Zan Perrion, writer

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Good News Tuesday: Bee Vaccine, A Special Coat, and 99 + Stories from 2018

Bees, Bees, and more Bees…

Anything is Possible!

honey bee

The First Vaccine for Bees

Scientists at the University of Helsinki, Finland have developed a vaccine for bees. The vaccine called “PrimeBee” targets the deadly bee disease American foulbrood and can be delivered on a sugar patty.  The vaccine is not yet available for sale, but I’m thankful researchers are working hard to save bees. You can read more in this article from NPR

A Special Coat for Zoey

Zoey lives in Michigan where the winters are very cold. Having cerebral palsy and being in a wheel chair made it hard for her to bundle up for recess. So Zoey’s mom invented a special coat. I hope you enjoy meeting Zoey and learning more about her mom’s invention in this video.

99 + Good News Stories from 2018

We still have a lot of work to do as a species, but this collection of good news stories from…

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. . . .and they’re still beautiful.



“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.
Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”

~Alice Walker

Remember…You ARE Nature, you are beautiful.

Photography: La Primavera by Daniel Rivas
Text & image source: Between the Realms

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I am not fully healed,

Always a work in progress. When we continue to learn we continue to grow. Amen!



“I am not fully healed, I am not fully wise, I am still on my way.
What matters is that I am moving forward.”

~ Yung Pueblo

Text & image source: Harmony

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Good Day my Angels!  I pray all are well and getting ready for this 2018 Holiday Season.  I can hardly believe it’s here – and so soon.  Or at least it feels like it “so soon.”

I apologize for not being around lately as I have been setline in still here in our new area we call home within the great state of Texas.  Our move from California to Texas has been eventful and interesting to say the least.  Upon arrival in Texas we moved into a 200 square feet home (minimalists indeed) brining only what we needed and not what we wanted or any excess “stuff.”  Most of our things we donated or sold so as to downsize immensely.  There is no room within 200 square feet of space with two adult humans and our four (4) fur babies (kitties).  While I find myself still adjusting the babies and there papa have adjusted very well and seem totally content.  At times I am but I have to say it is not without its limitations living within a small space for me.  At the present I remain in great Faith and Positivity that I am where I am supposed to be at this moment in time and am appreciative for all my Angels and every day that I get to wake up to the beautiful faces of my babies.

Christmas – New Years – Seriously!

I am SO NOT READY and cannot get into the spirit of the Holidays.  I have no décor up or bought anything as of yet.  We are so minimal and truly do not “need” anything and our wants would be just stuff to clutter up our tiny space.  So, anything we buy or bring into our space another item ahs to go in which to conserve the space.  Hmm…. we’ll see as I sit here thinking about what to do.  A Charlie Brown tree for sure is in my future and gifts for our babies.  How about you Angels – are you ready for the Holidays?  What are your plans?  I am, however, looking forward to a New Year and New You attitude!  I am excited about that and all the possibilities that come along with it.  How about you?


Life is precious and a gift no matter where you stand at this moment in time and space.  Be grateful my Angels for every breath you take and the lives around you.

I wish you ALL a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season and look forward to an amazing 2019.

Always with much Light and Love!

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