I stopped fighting today…

The Sisters of the Fey

I stopped fighting today

Usually when people say

I let go

It means something sad or bad

I stopped trying to control everything

I stopped doubting everything

I stopped being weak

Which I perceived as strong

I was wrong

Now I can seek

The Blessings of life

So many have been sent my way

A fresh start

A new heart

Bathed in the glory of the Almighty

I’m more stubborn than most

My ego was always in the way

And then I learned that “humble” was more than a word.


I stopped fighting today

And got out of my own way

My own worst enemy

My eyes can finally see

HE who died for me

Seems like I’ve done this

So many times before

But I was always fighting

For what I thought was right

Now I know, you just have to believe

In the glory of heaven and HIS…

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