Beauty of Art and Images for you —————————— The beauty of the images of nature BEAUTY OF THE FORESTS I was looking for you – my dear friends – images that bring together the beauty of vegetations, the sweetness of colors, the grandiose reliefs and the beauty of photography. I hope you find a great […]

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What Lies Beneath Your Emotions *NEW POST* — MakeItUltra™ Psychology

Written by Dr. Perry, PhD Image Credit: Pixabay “People have motives and thoughts of which they are unaware.” ~Albert Ellis What if you hated someone who you were socially and morally expected to love? For instance, what if you felt hate for your sibling, child or spouse? These feelings, if openly expressed and acknowledged, would be reprehensible […]

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Emotional Rollercoaster Ride — Jonathan Hilton Mind Connections

Whatever your emotions are today actually seeking the understanding of how they affect you is a move toward empowerment. No matter what you do, your emotions are going to exist and going to continue to affect you. Either you can allow them to control your life, or you can use them to find out what…

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Lenten Thoughts #4 . . . . Praying with the Earth


May the angels of light
glisten for us this day.
May the sparks of God’s beauty
dance in the eyes of those we love.
May the universe
be on fire with Presence for us this day.
May the sun’s rising
grace us with gratitude
Let earth’s greenest shine
and it’s waters breathe with Spirit.
Let heaven’s winds stir with the soil of our soul
and fresh awakenings rise within us.
May the mighty angels of light
glisten in all things this day
May they summon us to reverence,
may they call us to life.

~ John Philip Newell
in Praying with the Earth

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Text & image source: Touch of Holiness

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