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#Omens&Symbols…..the powerful healing stone

When Doubts Start Kicking In — simple Ula

Whether it’s your career, relationship or a place you live in, self-doubt always comes your way. It is normal to question your own abilities. Especially when you’re trying to achieve something you’ve never done before. You’re not alone, everyone deals with it. Remember Why You Started When it comes to your career choices, there’s always…

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With You

DeveReaux’s Newfound Words

I can only cut it loose

When I’m with you

You can be inside of me, and everything

Is clear, present, and ever beautiful

My clouded mind brightens, and the tempest

Becomes a flowering blossom of satisfaction

Of course, a future with you will never be

I can’t be with you always, or even sometimes

So the little moments of sanity are treasured

Maybe more than they would with any other

I can only cut it loose

When I’m with you

When I’m with you

When I’m with you

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Thursday Tree Love: Trees Near the Sea

Angelic Nature!

Anything is Possible!

Trinity Trees

You take root in sandy soil

Reaching  deep into the earth

Standing strong in fierce winds

You bend but don’t break.

Challenges build character.

Sunset at Sander's Point

These photos were taken at Trinity Centernear the Carolina Coast. It’s been at least a year since I walked the grounds there. They have a habit of building around trees as much as possible which is better than cutting them down.

Tree in deckLodging 2

At Trinity Center, there’s a tunnel that goes under the main road and leads to the beach. This live oak stands watch.

Tunnel Exit (2)

#Thursday Tree Love is a  photo feature hosted by Parul Thakur on 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. For more information, please visit:

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Silence. — Elaine

In the silence of the night I feel you near In the silence of the night I feel no fear In the silence of the night My mind takes flight In the silence of the night Everything feels right In the silence of the night I am just me In the silence of the night […]

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Be What You Are — MakeItUltra™ Psychology

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Be Who You Needed — The Art of a Messy House

In many ways, this quote has become my motivation this year. I could spend hours, if not days, talking about what I lacked and needed growing up. The struggles that almost took my life time and time again as a child, adolescent and young adult. I could point fingers and place blame on person after […]

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Tai Chi Arts

Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow?
What if there’s no best day?
What if it only gets better? Each and every day?
Isn’t that a great reason to get out of bed today?

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