7 Common Running Fears & How to Conquer Them





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I Can See… 8)

Tai Chi Arts

What’s possible?
How about beyond that to the impossible?
Isn’t that how we make things possible?
Because doesn’t that spell: “I’m possible?”
Can you be open to the impossibilities today?

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5 Things You Should Do If You Have A Desk Job — MOVE BETTER. FEEL BETTER.

If you have a desk job, you know that it can be a pain … literally. Sitting all day can make you feel stiff/tight/sore etc… all over! Therefore, sitting must be BAD, right? WRONG! Any posture sustained for a prolonged period of time will create stiffness/tightness/soreness etc… That’s why when those with desk jobs switch […]

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Do YOU have Chronically Tight Muscles? — MOVE BETTER. FEEL BETTER.

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “I’ve just got really tight muscles” I’d be pretty rich by now. Many people also believe, wrongly (no offense, but it’s true), that tight muscles are either 1) something that is genetic or, rather, just how their body is, 2) tight muscles don’t […]

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5 Things To Do If You Want to Avoid Injuries — MOVE BETTER. FEEL BETTER.

The Rehab profession lives off of people getting hurt – it’s what keeps us in business. BUT, I’m in the business of helping individuals who are currently hurt AS WELL AS preventing injuries from reoccurring. That’s right, I’m in the business of helping YOU not need ME! Crazy, right? Now, I can’t see into the […]

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Cicada Fibers

Prior to birth
We are told of all the mysteries –
Then our angel
Touches our lips with the sweet
Kiss of forgetting
For if something is to be remembered….
It must first be forgotten-
We must leave Eden
In order to find it.
We are dreamed by the dream.

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Individual Universes

Timeless Classics


When I was young I had a friend
Pretension to did not pretend
He was a humble working swain
Who looked and acted very plain
But once you’d known him for a time
He’d allow something sublime
Accidentally slip out
Reminding you what life’s about

He had, he and another dude
An interesting interlude
On a normal happy day
They’d gone to see some music play
Talking about it afterward
Each had played the selfsame part
The way he affirmed in telling me
Remained for both a Mystery

Without a bit of warning or
Predisposition theretofore
They found that they had traded places
Stood behind each others’ faces
To them both apparent be
They’d traded bodies suddenly!
Getting past their great surprise
This exper’ience put them wise

To a truth we but suspect
Who scientific’lly reflect
With lofty disapproval blinking
On what we call “magical thinking”
For by my…

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