Everything Found Was Lost

Have you ever felt lost and then suddenly something changes and you’re found? You can feel it, you can see it, the change in you and how you feel and look at life. It can be from something as simple as a call from a friend, a hug from a niece/nephew, or even a “great job” from someone at work. It’s the little things in life …

Courtesy of The Road Peoms

Just know that when you feel lost your family here at EA is always here for you.

Always with Light & Love.

2 thoughts on “Everything Found Was Lost

  1. Thank you so much for this delightful message, I really appreciated and as well you do have a loyal friend here when ever and for what ever. but what can I said it is what it is, Sometimes I just wonder WHEN WHEN But until then is the sorrow and bad influences that fly all over and I just wonder what have I done so bad to deserved this if I did something that I bother somebody that hard I just beg for the person to find in their heart and to let go of what ever it is that it seems I did but most of my life I been a loyal soldier and me never though of betrayal like some people think I even have put my own life for others that I don’t even know but that’s just who I am and if some one had it coming or deserved it well they got what they had coming, But I just ask God to help me go back to he’s path cause their is nothing in this world that to have or to feel the love that God has I don’t even have the words to describe or how to start feeling Gods presence .. sorry if I said anything that might offend any body but is just that’s what’s in my mind at this moment thank yall ..
    Sincerely, your best friend to the end…

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    1. Hi Julio! You’ve got a good heart and soul. You just ignore the negativity and bad influences and keep your eyes on all the positivity and good souls around you that appreciate and love you. Life is too short for all the negativity. You’ve got this – stay focused and positive – your Angels are always with you! Always by your side! ❤️


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