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How fast did 2018 go by? Does that fill you with a certain type of panic? Well instead of worrying about 2019 this is a great time to think ahead about your goals for next year. How are you going to push yourself harder next year and realise the goals you’ve set for yourself? Here are a few ideas of goals every woman should set themselves next year. Start now and you’ll be well on the way to becoming your best self in 2019.


If you want to achieve anything this year, you need to become more disciplined. That means start giving yourself strict deadlines and sticking to them. Get your 2019 diary & begin with monthly overview and mark all your important dates and deadlines.


Next year should all be about seeing…

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Verb or Noun?

Mitch Teemley

Some things can be both a verb and a noun (fish, call, ride). But I only know of one thing that must be a verb before it can be a noun: Love

Yesterday was World Refugee Day, by the way. A perfect time to be practicing the verb. Here’s a good place to start: World Relief.

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Be Humble: A Lesson From Water

Courage | Strength

Oh, border!

The immediate association with Courage in tarot-speak is VIII Strength. However, I see Courage as only part of what Strength is about, while at the same time, Courage also speaks for more than what Strength is about.

Every VIII Strength card comes with a lion, and a very composed human bravely co-existing with the lion, not from physical taming, but from a controlled connection that tempers the mannerisms of each other. You can see the Strength in it, because it is not the “hey, kitty kitty”  kind of connection, nor is there any sense of fear. Instead, it is a very balanced mutual trust, or even camaraderie and neither undermines the other. I find this a very good example of not mistaking softness for weakness.

When we talk about courage, we usually end up discussing along the lines of facing up to something we are fearful of, such as physical fears…

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Smile… it is contagious!

I Am The Fire

Diary of an Aesthete

“Life for me is about moving on, staying strong, being free – progressing, always improving, doing, seeking, finding… and sometimes keeping. I’m happiest when I’m on a journey – whether inward or outward. I detest still waters of the soul – my spirit bursts and gushes forth, like a river. I am raw and alive. Freedom is my keeper. I live life according to the whims of my heart, not the logic of my mind. I am the eternal wanderer. He who walks. The Fire. I cannot be held or tamed – only fueled.” – England, Spring 2015.

“I am the fire. Free, raw, wild,
unpredictable, sometimes misunderstood,
addictive, always moving, never still,
unhold-able, untame-able, but fuel-able and fearless,
flying, falling, always burning down
– but from the ashes reborn.” – India, August 2015.

“I tell you to love this beautiful world, and it will love you back. I tell you to embrace…

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The Power of Falls

Diary of an Aesthete

Everybody’s Free.
I Am Free.
I Have Learnt the Truth of My Freedom.
I Have Felt the Power of Falls.

Ghana. Africa.

I took myself off one morning on an expedition deeper into the lush Volta Region.
A place where mountains rise to blue skies flecked with fluttering bats, trees grow apparently to the heavens, and monkeys come down to greet you as you pass by on foot. Here, there is a wilderness. Here, there is another way of life. Here, there is a chance to delve deeper into the World, the World you somehow knew existed, but didn’t fully believe…

Ghana is wild, alive. No matter how hard history has been to her land and her people, Ghana shines with Creation.
Bright, unfiltered, vibrant spirit. This land has awakened me.

As I arrived at the small village of Logba Alekpeti, I climbed down from the hot, congested tro-tro (local bus), thanked the locals inside…

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Ebor and the Waterfall Way

Angelic Peace in Nature


Continuing our drive along the Waterfall Way:

We drive on to the hamlet of Ebor about another half hour away and a gentle uphill climb most of the way. We can feel that we are on the top of the Great Dividing Range now. The views over the dairy farms are idyllic. Ebor is tiny, just a few houses, a pub, a cafe and an old servo but hidden behind the town the Guy Fawkes River plunges 115 metres in two drops to the canyon below. The falls are mesmerising and the path along the canyon rim is a great bush walk. There are people abseiling off the canyon walls and a friendly little kookaburra lets us photograph him.

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Crystals & Gemstones: Amethyst

Amethyst is the connection to the Divine, Angels, Spirit Guides & to the Higher Power ~ I DO LOVE PURPLE!