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The light was changing. Not that it had been doing anything else all day… the light in the Western Isles is amazing… but it was, by this time, almost eight thirty and we were rather expecting the light to fade as the sun sank below the horizon. It would not be summer solstice for another […]

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#Omens&Symbols . . . The Orchid


Orchid comes from the Greek “orkhis,” which means testicle and associated
with male virility and sexuality. One type of Orchid is the Paphiopedilum.
The name is derived from the word “Paphos” which is the name of the
temple where the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, was worshiped.

Text & image source: Goddess Central https://www.facebook.com/goddesscentral/

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Being a better person — Vijayagiri views

Originally posted on Reflections: Being a better person, falling into the skin of a better ‘you’ is what takes most courage, ? We can be our truest, most authentic selves, if we rest in the belief that we are capable and we are enough, ? we can realize our potential for greatness, if we don’t…

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Top 10 BEST Workouts from My Fitness Pal

Top 10 Best Workouts from My Fitness Pal – ok I’ll look…

10 of the Best Workouts for Weight Loss



I do LOVE to workout and sweat – thank goodness all I do is on there.  LOL

Happy Thursday Angels.

Always with Light & Love!


This little cutie could help save a species of rhino from extinction — FOX2now.com — Truth Troubles

SAN DIEGO – A southern white rhino named Victoria gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park after a 493-day pregnancy, the zoo announced Monday. The rhino calf, which the zoo referred to as “a tiny tank puppy” on Instagram, is the first successful artificial insemination birth of a southern… […]

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Have you ever been knocked down from a goal and told that you are not passionate enough or that you have no exact direction as to where you want to go?  “I’m sorry, but you need to know exactly how much money you want to make, exactly how many people you want to reach, and know exactly what you are doing before we can help you.”  Not in those exact words, but exactly what she stated.

Seriously!!!!!!!!  That is why I reached out to this so-called company in which to “help” me.  I do not have all of the answers or know exactly how to proceed.  All I know is that I have an idea and a certain goal (I have it pretty much written for peets sake), but need additional guidance and support.  Clearly, they are not the right company to help me.  She was nice enough on the phone, but the things she was saying and needing specifically from me was unsettling only because I kept telling her that I was in need of guidance and assistance – but she never truly heard me.  All she told me was that I needed to be more specific.  How can I be more specific when I do not completely understand the entire process.  That is why I reached out to them – to help me.  I got off the phone disgusted in that company and their so-called service.

It was a sign alright.  A sign that (1) they are not the right fit for me, (2) that they are not the right company in which to help and give guidance to people, and (3) that in the end it was not meant to be because of ALL of the negativity.

Ugh….. where’s Taylor Swift when you need her….

Sorry about all that – I just needed to get it out.

Happy Hump Day Angels!

Always with Light & Love!


Saving A Loved One’s Voicemail

Hello Angels… It’s been too long I know and my apologies.  I’ve been a little out of it lately, but hope to get back to regularly scheduled programming soon.  In the meantime – I saw this and thought this is something special in which to share.


How to Capture/Save a Loved One’s Voicemail

How to Save a Voicemail

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to preserve a loved one’s voicemail. Here are a few options to consider:

  • The easiest way is to play the voicemail over speakerphone next to a recording device — such as your computer’s microphone or a tape recorder. Simply play the voicemail and record the message using the computer or tape recorder. While this is an easier method, the sound quality isn’t the best.
  • Use an app or computer recording software. Audacity is a free audio recording program for your phone, tablet or PC. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Use a third-party website. Sites like VMSaveVoicemails Forever, and LifeOnRecord all specialize in preserving voicemails and outgoing messages. However, some of these sites do cost a small fee.
  • To save all your voicemails in the future, sign up for a service such as Google Voice or YouMail. These services sync to your phone and email you an mp3 of any future voicemails you receive.

Always with Light & Love Angels.

Today’s Guidance, July 17, 2019 — Debrah Rose Guidance

Today’s Guidance comes from The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid. Card Artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Interpretation by Debrah Rose http://www.debrahrose.com ••• 🌹 Lion Spirit 🌹 ••• Lion comes in to remind you that in giving you receive. Giving without expectation of reciprocation, puts you in the flow of abundance by taking the ego out […]

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