I have always had curly hair.  It used to be so long, to the middle of my back.  I loved it long and curly.  But, then I got sick.  Breast Cancer they told me.  When the time came and I started my chemotherapy, I told my husband I wanted to cut my hair off myself.  Shave my head I said!  I was not about to let Cancer take or decide when I lost my hair.  It was going to be on my terms. And with that, we went outside and he shaved my head and then, he shaved his.  We were a matched pair!  My hair has since grown back, but never that long.  These days I don’t much care about how long my hair is or that I even have it.  Because hair, like life, is a gift.  I know I am beautiful with or without hair.  It’s not the hair that makes a person, it’s his or her inner being.  Love yourself and let your beautiful light shine!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and posts. Cheers!!

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