Before I was diagnosed the Cancer back in 2009, I worked out at my usual pace.  I would do my running in the evenings as well as my home workouts here and there or tried joining a gym, but that never lasted.  The gym part anyway.  Once I got sick, I really missed all that I could do before.  I couldn’t wait to be able to get outside and walk/run again or do a bit more cardio than I was doing.  I missed it.  I say all this because now, now that I am healthier and in a better place both psychically and mentally,  I REALLY love going to my workouts daily.  By daily I mean I workout 6 out of 7 days a week!  I am able to release the stress of the work day and other things at my workouts and most importantly, I can push myself to go beyond my breaking point because deep down, I know I can and I am worth the push!  My life, my heart, and my soul are worth the extra push.

It might take time to find your one true passion.  It took me a long time to find mine and I could not do it with out my Coaches there at Gracie Barra Burbank, ToughGirl Bootcamp!  Everyone there is so nice with such big hearts and the willingness to help you achieve your goals and then, surpass them.

So, take the time, find a great workout that you enjoy and then dig in!  Go for it and push yourself harder than you did before.  You’re worth it!  I know I am!

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