“This too shall pass” and “All will be well and all in due time” are just a couple of the phrases with which I am most familiar.  While I “had” Cancer, I would always tell myself “This too shall pass” and would continue to have faith because I knew, I just knew deep down – it would be.  All would be well and all in due time.

I have the same feelings about certain things in life, like being out here in California.  I recently came back from a trip visiting family on the East Coast and while I had a great time, it was so hard to leave.  It was hard to leave and come back to the West Coast.  I do believe my husband and I are out here for a reason, though not to retire.  So, while we are here, we continue to meet and make new friends and live.  We go to new places and see new things.  He has been great taking me traveling.  Even if it’s just for the afternoon or weekend.  I am learning to stop, just live and just be happy.  So, no matter where you are in life, be happy where you are.  Everything happens for a reason and all works out in the end.  Life, at the end of the day is a “Gift” and, should not be taken for granted, but enjoyed at every turn.

Like all things in life, have a little faith, trust that everything happens for a reason (though it might be hard to do and/or understand – I get it), but try.  Put that smile back on your face, look up at those beautiful clouds and feel the presence of your Angels around you.  Believe “This too shall pass” and “All will be well and all in due time.”

Please feel free to share my blog if you find it could help or inspire others.

With light and love ~ Enjoy your precious day.

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