Day 11: The Inward Journey: Forgiveness Heals.

Mindfulness Exercise…

2 thoughts on “Day 11: The Inward Journey: Forgiveness Heals.

  1. I am sorry, but I have to disagree, humbly. I always forgave people, but it never healed me. Never does. There are a few things you think you just cannot forgive and even then I made the effort to rationalize and forgive people. But in the end, it seems all too meaningless. What is done is done. There is no erasing it. The wounds do not heal ever.
    I know I must sound bitter, but I happen to think that forgiving those people was futile. It just gave them the ticket to step once more on Trespass Express. Deep inside I know I am at fault, because I allowed them to do so. Forgiveness made no difference to their lives, only to mine and not always as closure or relief. I am sorry to comment like this. But I just said what I thought.

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    • No apologies hun. At the end of the day sometimes the forgiveness only helps us and the other person does not even realize what you have gone thru just to be able to do try and fogive. What does matter is that you tried and that’s all anyone can ask for. It’s all good and you are correct, what’s done is done. But, at least you recognized and tried. That’s all we can ask for of ourselves and that is what helps us sleep at night. No regrets – ever. As long as we try. Thank you for the response and I hope you are well and enjoying your week sweet Angel. Always with Light and Love!!


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