I had taken a break from blogging for a few days as my baby, Caesar, has been ill for quite some time and got worse lately.  I took him for a second opinion on Friday, only to find out he has kidney disease and a 4-5 cm mass by his spine (Cancer).  It was a very sad and awful weekend as we had to make the decision to let him go and not be in pain any longer.  He is now an Angel in heaven with his sister Cleopatra and brother Tucker running and playing.  They are all Angels now!  It was the worst and hardest decision we have had to make in a long time.  He was so sweet and gave us 10 1/2 years of nothing but love and kisses.  Lordy but that boy loved his snuggles and to be held like a baby.

My baby Caesar, I can’t stop crying.  I miss you so much that I feel so empty and lost without you.  You gave us so much that I still see you everywhere.  No matter where I look, there you are.  I’m not ready to let you go.  Lord help me I’m not ready…

Caesar & Wings

5 thoughts on “I’M NOT READY TO LET YOU GO!

  1. Oh no.. I am so sorry my dear that you had to make that decision! I know how you feel, years ago I lost my beautiful cat Dolly she was 13 and was wonederful! Few months ago we lost one of our dog our chihuahua Sandy for heart complications she was 15 and as you we still see her around…as I vividly have my loved cat in my mind all the time. They are all angels now without pains and they will be always with us no matter how and where we are…sending you love and light

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  2. I can never let go. They all haunt me, all of them. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment that in spite of that I take in more creatures into my house. My Simba also has kidney disease. He is wasting away, sounds a little senile and cranky now. But I cannot let go of him. I would never do that. As long as there is life, there is hope, I believe.

    I can understand the feeling. That they are still around, somehow. We still discuss them and their antics like it happened yesterday. I wonder sometimes if I can take it at all, this terrible pain and all those memories.
    I hope you can. Strength. Love. Patience.

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