Bring On October!

jbuss Astrology

Some part of most of us Survived all that, eh?  I think we can take a deep Breath and relax a bit; at first glance October looks pretty quiet, though of course something will turn up to keep us entertained, as it always does.  I assume you’ve noticed that you’re new-born.  But, I suspect, not as Vulnerable as we’d expect to be as a new-born, eh?  When a Crab molts, it’s extremely Vulnerable for a while as it runs around nekkid scrambling to eat enough Calcium to harden up it’s new carapace.  But my own shell feels hardened by this Rebirth.  Yours?

The Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and the Conjunction of Centaur Pholus (Responsibility) with dwarf planet Ixion (our Pathological Genius) and asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) continues all month, but in the first few days of October Chiron (Despair to Empathy to Miracle

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