The last Utopia. The pen and the paper.

The Simple Life…


Utopia of the pen and the paper.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Last freedom is the mind. Can’t control the mind completely. Always hope hiding somewhere.



                              Utopia of the pen and the paper.

In the sixties. There was a good dream.
We support to be working 32 hours a week and enjoying art, poetry and music by the year 2000.
The Utopia dream fell apart by poor decisions and incompetent leaders.

Utopia had become a forgotten dream and word.
People believe work is life. Life is work. People had become like cattle waiting for the slaughter by
a government that had lost control.

The media is controlled.
A waiting list for men and women taking the chance on war than finding work in a desperate times.

Poor kids are looking for answers and reasons to try.
The USA flag bleed of distaste for peace and poor young people…

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