Souldier Girl

The cool nights spreading our

Multicolored feelings

…in a spider web of directions

And I sense your minds packed up and ready to go

Come here baby

For we still have space to grow

And don’t you know, that life

…is like a treasure chest

To find that gold you gotta dig

…through the mess

The day is dragging

Alarm clocks on an antique

…pocket watch

Yet all is not lost!

There is a trapped door

Where love

…marks the spot

Let us fall inside,

…if only for a minute

Two one way trips to Neverland

I shall dance with Wendy

And you fly

…with Peter Pan!

*hi wp family! This was inspired by the magic of PAN-finally it’s coming out today and you better believe I will be there with my tinker-bells on!! :)) Happy Friday!

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