They Say Words Don’t Hurt

A Mind Unmasked

I wanted to reach in
Carefully, softly, like a summer wind.
I just wanted to touch you within.
To bring a sort of healing, my friend.
Your eyes have been sinking deeply.
Voided in shroud, bitter screams leaking out.
Worn red, headed for disaster.
I only wish you’d crawl out faster.

I saw you the other night.
Dancing clearly, an extension of arms.
Gracefully displacing what brings you harm.
Beauty had sat down, seeing you shine.
Pleasure stirred, not saying a word.
Bare feet on wooden floorboards,
You held them all, as they quietly came to your call.

I see you now, crowded.
Breaking from its poisoned touch.
Who on earth could hurt you this much?
Knowing your tenderness,
Seeing your curses.
Inside you must be so polluted with verses.
I just want to touch you, my friend.
If only to remind you to not let this be your end.

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