In the Edges

Charissa's Grace Notes

snikked back up deep in rocky crevice thirsty
i wait there for the changing sea…for she
has danced again away from me across
the wet sand brown and just becoming tan,

and finally white as all its moisture fades
again in fickle flight of waves gone running
out out away, entranced, infatuated
by soft moonlight and warden gravity,

eternity’s twin engine sirens singing.
i wait, desperate, grinding gritty dread
into the chalky powder of mere sadness
so i can mix it with my tears and drink,

and try to disappear it dust to dust…
but my thirst can’t be quenched here on the edge
of deserts where sunlicks lash my quick feet
and scorch my liquid heart, fall like whiplash

upon my salty soul to feed that thirst.
the desert creeps in sideways,
snaking, slithering thru the sands
across the wet seaweed, chasing the sea

as she runs asunder, her lacey skirts
bounce briny, lift swooning in moon-lorn longing
her eternal green and yearning quest.

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