3 Ways to Relax and Recharge- Introverted Style

Much of our time can be spent swimming in a haze of responsibilities, worries, plans, agendas, demands. All of the joys, passions, dreams and wishes that we create and live everyday, the things we welcome into our mind with open arms are also the things that consume us within this haze. When life is filled with pressure and passion, where is the balance? The trick is not to stop dreaming, or wishing, or even worrying. Sometimes what we need is to take a break, clear our minds and help ourselves reboot.

To much focus on external factors and responsibilities can cause our poor hearts to weaken, our head to throb and resentments to grow around our dreams. So learning to clear the unnecessary clutter is a skill that can help you stay in touch with what truly matters and carry your head high with a smile on your face, rather than…

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