5 ways to increase hope and motivation (OCD Awareness Week 2015)


My OCD Voice

5 ways to increase hope and motivation:

Anyone who has done exposures knows that they are HARD WORK. You are purposely triggering yourself and sitting with some intense anxiety, and without using any rituals to try to lower your anxiety. Tough stuff. Because ERP involves making yourself uncomfortable it requires a good deal of motivation. We talk about treatment motivation a lot in the residential program and I wanted to share some things I have learned. Here are five ways to increase hope and motivation.

1. Make a list of your successes.

Take a piece of paper and start listing all of the exposures you have accomplished. Also write down all of the things that used to be hard and are easier now. Then, any time you are feeling unmotivated you can look at this list and be reminded of how much you have done and how much the hard work…

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