Travel – How to Keep Your Cool When Everything is Going Wrong

Life is a box of chocolates after all!


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You’re over 1000 miles away from the place you call home and nothing is going right. You’re lost andthe GPS decided today was a good day to give up the ghost. Everyone you’re traveling with is beyond the hanger point and of course it’s pouring rain. Sounds like a great day for a coffee shop and a good book, right? But where was that coffee shopyou saw a few miles back, was it a right or a left at the intersection? Does this sound like a familiar scenario to you? For us, this happens many more times than you would think. For folks traveling on limited time and money this can be extremely exasperating. No one wants to be stuck wasting gas or precious pennies on unplanned nuisances. Don’t make the same mistakes we did, learn from us and enjoy a less stressful journey!

  1. You can’t change what you can’t…

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