A great post to show you are never alone ~ not really. There are those who love you and care! 🙂

Femme Fatale

I decided to dedicate this entire post to my one sweet Di.

Dear Diana,

I know life has been tough for you lately. It is tough living in a skin you have yet to find comfort in let alone living in a country without family or people who can relate to you in a daily basis. I have once been where you are, all on my own accord however. I ran away half way across the world when I was a few years younger than you are today. I had no family nor did I know anyone.

I moved to a country where no one knew who I was. A country culturally opposite than what I was ever used to, and sadly at that moment–or even now, I was not willing to conform. I learned the hard way. No one understood the burden of not understanding who thine self…

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