Getting Through – A Poem

Strong words and a poem from ! 😉

Getting Through Anxiety

Getting Through

Sometimes it seems
Like I’m not strong enough
But then I remember
That it’s all a lie

I begin to feel hopeless
Remembering how it once was
But then I remember
How hard I try

The sun begins to shine
The clouds begin to fade
I realize that this will pass
As long as I never give in

I know that I am stronger
Than the fear that tries to take control
In time this will get easier
No matter how hard it’s been

Whether they believe in me or not
I have enough hope
Even if I have to dig deep
I will find faith

For I’m tired of being afraid
Tired of these tears
I want to prove to myself
That I can feel safe

So next time you feel lost
Or like you cannot win
Remember all the times
That you’ve managed to succeed


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