You are perfect…


Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

…just the way you are.
That goes for all of you.

I challenge you all to try to think this of your self:


Never mind your physical or mental illness, worries, anxiety, looks, defects and what other people try to make you believe as not perfect in you.

Never mind everything negative you’ve ever thought about your self. It’s just mind illusions.

YOU ARE YOU, just the way you are. Nature miracles has made you and nature is never wrong. Never.

No one is worth more than you and no one is worth less than you. We are all perfect!

The rest is up to us. Tell your self you’re perfect, tell others they’re perfect.

If we try this together, lets see if we change our minds about our selves and others.

Are you with me?

You are perfect. Never forget that!


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