I Am Happy!

Everyone Feels It.



Life is like a roller coaster.Its has its up and down,its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.No matter how many problems you face don’t forget to learn from your troubled problems.Being  happy will make your difficult life easy.When life is sweet,say thank you and celebrate,and when life is bitter,say thank you and grow.I try to be happy and thank God for all the things he gave me.I find happiness in the little pleasures of life.
As a famous saying says:”Its the little things that makes life






I am happy when I eat fresh fruit,when I burst out laughing,
when I discover a new song,when I finish a good book,when I watch an amazing movie,when I wake up and feel relaxed.I am glad to have friends,family,teachers,a home,food when I am hungry,hot water when I shower.I love being able to live and see the seasons change,to have gifts on my birthday,to travel sometimes,to…

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