Peace on Earth…




a precious word I have been thought
from the day I was born

a word made of many words
a word made of many colors
a word made of many thoughts

a word to be shared

a word that rhyme with love
and acceptance

find harmony inside yourself
to walk peacefully during your life path
with enlightenment

love yourself to love one another
open your mind to freedom
and mantain it possible in this world.


©Copyright Carolina Russo

 May Peace and happiness be yours this Christmas
and throughout the New Year!



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2 thoughts on “Peace on Earth…

  1. The world will never see peace while it is acceptable for one more powerful better armed nation to go by force into a weaker one for profit.

    Capitalism we live under is now the epitome of greed & inequality, it uses the hard work of the majority only to profit the minority elite.

    The longer the War On Terror continues the larger the threat of terrorism has become, would think they’d realise something’s not working

    The only way an imperial nation can justify invasion/occupation, is by first vilifying the ‘enemy’ making their oppression excusable

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