Good afternoon my Angels!  I hope this message finds my Angels well and enjoying a beautiful day.

You have all been weighing on my mind as of late and I have found it difficult to get back into the normal swing of things since getting back to CA from my trip to FL in which to take care of family business.  Between that and not having a job since the first of January (my attorneys retired and shop closed), my mind is all jumbled up and not functioning correctly.  I find it difficult to get a grip so to speak, but here I am and trying my darnedest to find my way back.  So, with that short introduction…

Within this life, even if you find it difficult, be true to your inner being, your Spirit, and continue to treat others with Respect, Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Respect.  And, in turn, you should be treated the same by others.  Should you not be treated this way, you must find your way out of that situation and onto a more positive environment as that situation is not a healthy one.  If well listen to our inner light, the right answer always presents itself.

Just a little thought for your Thursday afternoon my Angels.

Always with Light & Love my Sweets!



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