It’s the little things! 

Behind the Saudi Veil

It’s 12:20 after midnight and I have just finished my vigorous workout. Now I’m starving. I go to the kitchen searching for something with protein to eat. I open the fridge stare at the food for a few seconds before I decide that there was nothing interesting to eat.
I shake my head in impatience then look around for more options. My eyes catch a loaf.

I grab a slice of bread, quickly spread peanut butter and squeeze some honey on top, sit on a small chair and start to take take a first bite and look at the space in front of me.

It’s complete silence. Everybody has gone to bed. I am sitting here all by myself. My phone is in my room. So there is no entertainment to pass the time. No Facebook. No Twitter. Weirdly though, I am enjoying it.

I do not remember the last…

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