Good day my lovely Angels!  Happy Tuesday!

So, I took a “Hot Yoga” class today and was wondering if any of you out there have taken such a class?  I have taken Yoga before and was really interested in the “Hot Yoga.”  Let me tell you, I sweat so much!  Haha!  It was truly a great experience that I do recommend to all of you.  We stretched everything, loosened up, and all in all felt great afterwards.


I hope you are all well today my Angels and I look forward to any responses and/or just checking in on you via your blog.

Cheers!  Always with Light & Love!

5 thoughts on “HOT YOGA!

  1. Hey EA! Yes I have (probably over 20 times) and It was AMAZING! I’m sure I did a post on it! Glad you enjoyed it! I never sweat more!! How’s your new endeavor with the health/fitness business going this year? Did you check out Nature’s Sunshine to see the many ways it may be a good fit for you and/or your clients to have some of the tools they will need for success?!!! Great to see you taking care of you with hot yoga! Light and Love, Shona


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