Mystery Monday with Christina Larmer


CALarmerBlogPicREDO_1What type of crime fiction do you write and why?

I like to call myself a ‘mystery writer’ because at the centre of every book I write—whether it’s a ‘cozy crime’ or a stand-alone adult novel—lies an intriguing mystery, one I hope my readers get a chance to solve. My most popular series is the Ghostwriter Mystery Series which features a feisty, Aussie amateur sleuth called Roxy Parker who swears and drinks a little too much for her own good. I have just written the second book in my best-selling Agatha Christie Book Club series, which is often dubbed a ‘cozy’. In each case, I provide readers with a complex puzzle and offer them all the clues (and a few red herrings) to help solve the crime.

Did anyone influence you / encourage you to become a writer?

I have to partially credit my parents because I grew up in…

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